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  • Correctional Industries

    CI manufactures a large selection of products from food to clothing to furniture. They also provide services such as braille transcription, laundry, food service, computer-aided design, and furniture installation There is five class of operation, Class I - Private Sector Partnership: Class I industries allow private sector companies to operate within state correctional…

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  • Essay On Assistive Technology In Education

    A teacher’s goal is to maximize his or her student’s potential. Traditionally, the biggest challenge for students with disabilities was to meet their needs in the areas of social, behavioral, cognitive, perceptive and motor skills (Adebisi et al. 14). A learning disability is defined by the Schwab Foundation as a person who is diagnosed by a professional with a difficulty as a result of a CNS dysfunction in the areas or reading, writing, math, science, reasoning speaking, or listening. In order…

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  • Non-Verbal Communication

    is ideal. Sometimes it is not possible to overcome a barrier to communication sovan alternative form of communication must be found such as sign language, Lip reading and Makaton which is often used for people with learning disabilities. Also Braille if somebody is…

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  • Helen Keller Research Paper

    with disabilities, lecturer, and an author. Keller went through many hardship and obstacles due to her disabilities; however, she did not give up and kept trying. She was able to master several methods of communication, including touch-lips reading, Braille, speech, typing and finger-spelling. In addition, with the help of her mentor, Anne Sullivan and her husband, Helen Keller wrote her first book, The Story of My Life. after college, she traveled around the world to talk about her life and…

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  • Language: Significance And Importance Of Language In Pakistan

    quantity of languages in the world vary between 5,000 and 7,000. Common languages are talked or marked, however any language can be encoded into auxiliary media utilizing sound-related, visual, or material jolts. For instance, in whistling, marked, or braille. This is on the grounds that human language is methodology free. Human language has the properties of efficiency and relocation, and depends altogether on social tradition and learning. Its complex structure bears more extensive scope of…

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  • Short Story Of A Holocaust Survivor: Summary

    lives, starting from their childhood during World War II. Marie-Laure is a resident of Paris. Her father is a locksmith, working for the Museum of Natural History. She is blind so her father buys her Jules Verne adventure novels that are written in Braille. He also makes a wooden model of their neighborhood so she can learn the location. Threats of German invasion spread. So, the museum gives her father a valuable diamond named the Sea of Flames. They leave the city to deliver the diamond.…

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  • Oppression In Social Work

    not living in the same household or where a parent is disabled or mentally ill. For a disabled parent reasonable adjustments will be needed, for example, it may be necessary to provide information to a blind parent in an alternative format such as Braille or on audio tape, or to communicate with a deaf parent using British Sign…

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  • Universal Social Work

    universities. This is not because they do not want to or they are not eligible enough. The environments in most universities actually become problems or hurdles for them as it is not user-friendly enough. The facilities such as elevator is not provided with Braille button or space in the toilet for disable people is not big enough are making this group of people feel uncomfortable and decided not to enter universities. Social workers need to see that it is not the people are the causes of the…

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  • Art Tatum's Accomplishments

    recognize and perform various church hymns that he heard on the radio. At the age of seventeen, he was leading his own bands, and before he was twenty, he had already signed a two-year radio contract with WSPD. He learned to read sheet music via the Braille method, which is a tactile writing system used by the blind or visually impaired. He also memorized piano rolls and phonograph recordings, which exemplifies his determination to learn the instrument without vision. While Tatum primarily…

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  • Oliver Sacks To See And Not See Analysis

    Oliver Sacks has a way of making people see certain physiological phenomena in a more realistic way, a great example of this being his book “To See and Not See.” This novel is about a man named Virgil, who has been completely blind since a very young age. Virgil meets a woman named Jenny, who is able to convince him to get a surgery that could possibly give him his eyesight back. Being in love with Jenny, Virgil agrees to the surgery and it works, but not before the many issues that came with…

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