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  • What Is My Classroom Observation

    My classroom observation took place in a second grade inclusion classroom at the W.L. Morse School in Tarrytown, N.Y. The classroom consisted of one general education teacher, a special education teacher, and a teacher’s assistant. There were 22 students in the classroom and eleven of these students had IEP’s. Four of the students were ELL students. Throughout the day students were pulled for speech and occupational/physical therapy. In addition, an ELL teacher would push in for math and…

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  • Summarize Educational Approaches To Patients With Language Barriers

    Weekly Research Week 2 Tamara Goins Antonelli College Medical Billing and Coding 1. Summarize educational approaches for patients with language barriers. Educational approaches for patients with language barriers can be overcome by first and foremost having an interpreter. Most practices do have interpreters to help patients and physicians to overcome this barrier. In my opinion, having children speak the English language for the parent is not a good source because if the news is bad the…

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  • Explain The Importance Of Effective Communication In Health And Social Care

    This is an information sheet that will help explain the importance of effective communication in care home for the elderly. I will say how and why it is important and give examples. Firstly I will explain what communication is: the process of sending or receiving information. Next I will explain why we need to communicate. Communication is important as it enables us to understand and share opinions and information. Effective communication (e.g. communicating in a group and providing for…

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  • Importance Of Communication In Healthcare

    Additionally, a lack of adequate support systems, skills and personal accountability results in communication gaps that can cause harm to patients. “(U.S.Newswire,2006.) As with any situation; with the good comes the bad and poor communication in outcomes. Among these flawed actions often reported on are; when staff take shortcuts that could be dangerous or fatal to their patients care or show poor clinical judgment. Staff that directly confronts their colleagues about their concerns…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Ableism

    Effects of Ableism Ableism is the societally constructed system of oppression of disabled people in favor of able ones. The effects of an ableist society, though vast, aren’t always visible to the privileged, but include physical barriers, workplace discrimination and high unemployment rates, and an elevated crime rate against the disabled. In our society, being of able body and mind is considered the “norm”, which often facilitates the dehumanization of those who don’t fit that categorization.…

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  • What Is The Traditional Way Of Teaching Technology?

    “Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same matter in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students, not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school” (April Chamberlain). Humans are slowly becoming more and more advanced by the day and so is technology. They first used typewriters to computers. Technology helps students learn better, improve their test scores, and help disabled students. However, some…

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  • Disabilities In Classroom

    As a fifth grade teacher it is my goal to provide a classroom environment that stimulates the diverse learner population. Traditionally, the majority of the lessons are plan toward the level of understanding of most of the student, but by incorporating educational resources in the classroom, the entire classroom population can involve in learning simultaneously. Multimedia: Interactive Software Research is studying the probable benefits of computer-based instruction is substantiated in basic…

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  • The Book Of Eli Analysis

    In the West, Eli finally finds the safe haven he was looking for in Alcatraz Island, a place where civilization is preserved. As the story culminates, we are given the utmost surprise that the Bible, which had been carried by Eli, is written in Braille. Hence, Carnegie is incapable of reading it. Eli, nevertheless, is capable of reciting the entire Bible by memory to a librarian in Alcatraz Island, perhaps the last librarian after the environmental calamity which killed or blinded much of the…

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  • Obstacles In Ray Charles Robinson's Life

    Ray Charles Robinson, better known as Ray Charles was a man of many talents. His musical talent is second to none, but his biggest talent of all is overcoming all the trials and tribulations in his life. Not only did he overcome them, he thrived from them. Ray Charles defeated four main obstacles in his life. These obstacles include, where he came from, the fact that he was blind, racial tension during the time of his being and the drug addiction that came along with the lifestyle that he lived.…

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  • Correctional Industries

    CI manufactures a large selection of products from food to clothing to furniture. They also provide services such as braille transcription, laundry, food service, computer-aided design, and furniture installation There is five class of operation, Class I - Private Sector Partnership: Class I industries allow private sector companies to operate within state correctional…

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