What Are Helen Keller's Accomplishments

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Each day when you wake up, you look around at what’s going on or check the weather for the day. You sit down to eat breakfast and you watch the news. Imagine that one day you wake up and can’t see anything. Your eyes are open but you see nothing but black. As your trying to figure out why you can’t see you realize that you can’t hear anything either. You can’t hear your alarm clock going off. You can’t hear the train horn that is sounding from only a few miles away. This would be a frightening experience for anyone, but for Helen Keller this was a reality. Helen Keller had many accomplishments throughout her life but to understand her accomplishments you need to know some information about Helen Keller. Only then will you be able to grasp how …show more content…
She traveled to 39 different countries around the globe in her lifetime and was the first major visitor to Japan after it had been bombed in World War II. During World War II, Helen made several trips to various military hospitals and spent hours visiting patients. She offered herself as a personal example to wounded soldiers and inspired many with her message that she shared. Helen stressed to the wounded soldiers that like her, they could each live a full life despite their new disability. In her travels Helen also promoted equality for the disabled. People of all nationalities were inspired by Helen’s message. She changed the lives of millions of people who have visual impairments in her travels around the world and gave them courage and hope that they didn’t have before.
Helen Keller also fought for many social issues of the time, including workers’ rights. She wrote President Franklin many letters and pushed the government to offer more assistance to the blind. Helen’s hard work paid off in 1935, when President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. This act offered unemployment insurance, assistance for children of the disabled and retirement funds.
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In a time where people with disabilities were treated harshly and seen by many to have nothing to contribute to society, Helen proved everyone wrong. I personally admire Helen Keller because of all her hard work and dedication to improving the lives of people with disabilities. I have worked with kids that have disabilities for 4 years now and learned things from them that I have never learned anywhere else. Each of the kids has their own talents and doesn’t let their disability get in their way. I have grown to appreciate the disabled community and their compassion for others. Helen Keller is very inspiring to me because she didn’t let her disability stop her from making a difference. When everyone is against you it can be difficult to achieve your goals but Helen Keller overcame the adversity that she faced. She went a majority of her life unable to see or hear anything but was still able to make a lasting difference for disabled people everywhere. Helen Keller can be an inspiration to us all because despite the challenges that we face in our lives, everyone has the ability to make a

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