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  • Special Education Observation Paper

    observed with is Mrs. Polli Mays who is one of the EC general curriculum resource teachers at Reedy Creek. Throughout the day, I observed her co-teaching in 3rd and 5th grade classrooms as well as teaching kindergarten and then 1st grade in the resource room. The special education classroom is separate from the school in a building behind the school. It is decorated like most classrooms with posters and letters on the wall. There are a lot of visual and very colorful stimuli located on the walls…

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  • What Are The Benefits Of A Special Education Classroom

    tutoring in an MMD classroom ultimately led me down the path of special education. Because separate is all I really knew, I thought that it was the best option for exceptional children. I assumed the one on one and endless resources of a special ed room would outweigh the social benefits of a traditional classroom. The video made me think otherwise for some students. I think if inclusion is done correctly it could diminish the unnecessary barrier drawn between traditional and exceptional…

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  • The 2005 National Longitudinal Transition Study

    A classroom where there are high levels of academic expectations for all learners will be a classroom with low level of behaviors and higher student achievement (Martella, 2015). Recent research on inclusive education reveals that students who have disabilities are receiving their education in the general education classroom more and more often with positive results. McLeskey et al.’s (2004, 2010) research, as well as the 2008 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Implementation Report…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Special Education In Nigeria

    Introduction According to the United Nation (2011) state that close to 650 million(10%) people around the world including 150 million children live with disabilities. In developing countries, over 80% of these children live where their disabilities often exclude them from the full participation of society norms. It also affects their opportunity of going to school, obtain employment, and make a real home and family (UNESCO, 2010). However, the right to education is a universal right that…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

    INTRODUCTION: The ability of a machine to act and react like humans and resemble the intelligence like them is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is not a system but it is embedded inside the system like computer. It is a broad branch of computer science which defines the study of intelligent agents. Like humans, the machines also perceive its environment and take the actions accordingly to achieve their goals. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive”…

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  • Gifted Learner Analysis

    3.0 Gifted Learner: 3.1 Who is a gifted learner? When describing young gifted children there is no definition that best describes them. However, gifted children by definition are, “Children who give evidence of high-performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or specific academic fields, and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop such capabilities.” 3.2 How does the gifted learner’s…

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  • DSM-5 Criteria Of Learning Disabilities

    When the term began, I had not critically thought about learning disabilities (LD) or its relationship to the DSM-5. I understood that LD was used as an umbrella that encompassed many different disorders that impacted academics. I believed that you needed to have difficulty learning to have an LD. However, the learning difficulties were not the result of lowered intelligence, a traumatic brain injury, deafness or other factors. It is often the case that persons with LD are not able to perform at…

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  • Disabled Students Vs Public Schools

    Disabled students are now provided the opportunity for education in both public and private schools, but it is unknown about which one is more beneficial for these students. At private schools specifically for disabled students, there is a different curriculum that is considered a “more specialized environment” that claims to further the disabled student 's education. While this can be beneficial, public schools include disabled students in regular classrooms, giving them the opportunity to…

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  • Personal Statement: Robotics

    Suhit Kodgule MSE: Robotics Personal Statement At this stage of robotics, there is a dissonance among two fields, two pieces that prevent from forming a cohesive whole: artificial intelligence and control theory. While AI suffers from a lack of rigorous mathematical design that can ensure robustness, control theory lacks the cognitive reasoning essential for solving problems in perception or path planning. The problem that I wish to address is this: can we develop a unifying…

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  • Human Consciousness

    The question of what consciousness is or what we can deem as to be conscious is most fiercely debated topic in this dissertation because its subjective nature; what you and I may consider to have its own consciousness may possibly or rather probably will be different, how then can we build a machine with its own conscience when we has humans still haven’t figured it what it even really means to be conscious. I think therefore I am This very famous statement written by French mathematician and…

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