Battle of Fort Donelson

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  • How Did Ulysses S. Grant Affect The Civil War

    Even though it was a draw he showed that the Union was willing to fight. February of 1862 he was able to capture two major forts of the Confederate in Tennessee Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. These were the first major victories for the Union and he was promoted to a major general. Grant was in high spirits until the battle of Shiloh. That Battle of Shiloh happened on April 6, 1862, Confederate soldiers under the leadership of General Albert Sidney Johnston. The Confederates pour out from the tree line and surprising the Union forces. The Confederates surround the Union troops, capture, kill, or wounded most. This was a 2 day battle, on the first day of the battle Gen. Johnston was wounded and was replaced by P.G.T. Beauregard. Grant stood his ground until Grant was eventually to overpower the Confederate forces. The battle of Shiloh was 2 days and produced 23,000 casualties and was the bloodiest battle in the Civil war and on American soil. This was a battle won by the Union but many Union Soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield and Grant blamed himself so did others. Even after the loss of so many Union, Lincoln stood by his…

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  • St. Thomas Aquinas's Three Criterias For A Just War

    “St. Thomas Aquinas identifies three criteria for a just war. First, a war must be waged by a legitimate authority. Second, a war must have a just cause. Third, a war must have the right intentions. (P. 139) In order for a war to be waged by a legitimate authority, it must serve the common good, not just private interests and agendas. (P. 138) In order for a war to have just cause, it must include: protecting citizens from hostile or violent behavior, restoring rights that have been taken away…

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  • Civil War Thematic Essay

    Protestant churches who often tied themselves with matters of the state, and this stayed at the heart of who the Southerners wanted their new nation to be. When the Civil War started, the Southerners also looked to their religious leaders to help guide them through a difficult time, filled with heavy losses. Also, Christian ministers began to preach about God’s plan for the Civil War, making their battle into more of a Crusade to…

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  • Battle Of Fort Sumter Essay

    over 618,000 people. The Battle of Fort Sumter was a battle over politics between the North and the South. The event of the battle of Fort Sumter all started when Abraham Lincoln was elected, but before that he was inaugurated the 16th President of the United States. Today Fort Sumter is a museum, but before that happened there was a battle; a battle that started with politics. On November 15, 1860, President of the United States ,James Buchanan, called together his Cabinet telling them…

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  • How Did The Confederate Battle Affect The Union's Victory?

    Leadership of the forces, and the morale of each army, played an important role in the Union’s victory over the Confederate forces at Fort Donelson. Unity of command was lacking on the Confederate side, and their overall morale was suffering. The Union forces had just completed an easy victory at Fort Henry, and expected to have similar success at Fort Donelson. General Grant also had better working relationships with his senior Officers, and his division commanders were willing to exercise…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The American Civil War

    to be short and simple. However, after countless battles and lives lost the battle dragged on. The CSA had a disadvantage from the beginning. Since the Union was supplied by the crops in the North and Industry in the North. The CSA was low in supplies, resources, food, and weapons. They also did not have the proper fighting styles or intelligence for different battles. There were battles areas put into place by President Lincoln primarily Grant and Sherman. If the CSA had obtained the…

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  • Critique Of Jack Hurst's Men Of Fire

    published two other books about the Civil War, as well as serving as a journalist for several noteworthy newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, the Nashville Tennessean, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Not only is he very reliable with his information about the Civil War, but he also descends from both Union and Confederate soldiers. There are very few men that would be better suited to write about the Civil War than Jack Hurst. II. Summary Men of Fire accurately portrays the roles of Ulysses…

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  • How General Grant Changed Military Tactics During The Civil War

    with the successful strikes at Fort Henry and Donelson. However, Grant and the army ran into trouble when attacking Corinth, Mississippi. The army was caught unaware and the bloodbath of Shiloh took place. Though, the Union was victorious, but people/soldiers were mad at the bloodbath and the Union unpreparedness. With this victory, Grant and the Army of Tennessee push forward towards Vicksburg. This became a six month ordeal for the army and Grant. Grant tried a lot of maneuvers and eventually…

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  • The Causes Of The American Civil War

    The Civil war was a conflict over a way life. A plantation agriculture of the South that depended on slaves. When Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 his opposition to slavery was seen as a threat to the economic interest of the southern states. The South responded by seceding from the Union and founding the confederate States of America in 1861 with Jefferson Davis as their president. South Carolina was the first to secede, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana secede…

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  • Ulysses Simpson Grant's Leadership During The Civil War

    regard as he served in the American-Mexican War during 1846-1848, held various prestigious roles within the Union during the American Civil War, such as Lieutenant General, and became the President of the United States of America from 1869 until 1877. Despite this vast array of distinguished roles, it can be argued that Grant did not receive military distinction until his victories at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson, within the American Civil War, as this produced him as…

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