The Importance Of Vocational Evaluation

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The purpose case conference is to evaluate client 's job readiness, taking place in the office of
Mr. Cases ' office, who is the Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) Supervisor. Mr. Case 's office is shared with an associate and also doubles as a conference room. The building is very old as is the office furnityre. The office space has two desk, a small conference table with six chairs,and it is reminisence more suitable for a nusery or a kindergarten school setting and than a conference room or office to be used for client conferences. The space is small and tight and the temperature is always much to warm, the atmosphere does not offer a friendly, inviting space for meetings of clients. Both client and counselor arrived
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Mr. Case intervened suggesting he give Christina 's progress evaluation report. Mr. Case proceeded to go over Christina 's attendance, vocational reading and mathematic scores, timed task, and computer generated careerscope. He stated Christina had made some slight academic improvement, her future interest is in cleaning, babysitting, patient hospital services and retail. Mr. Case also, stated he did not feel Christina who is low functioning was ready for employment at this juncture. He added that her completion time on timed task is very lenghty, she is late a few days, and appears confused at times, therefore his recommendation was that she should receive intense vocational training in an area she will be comfortable and able to complete task, get her GED, and continue with her IPRT sessions before she would be ready for employment, (she is 45 years old and has never been competive employed). He also recommended that client receive education on her benefit limitations if she were to become gainfully employed as this was her main concern. Mr. Case asked if I had anything to add, I did not and concurred with his report based on my observations and time spent with …show more content…
The meeting came to an end with Ms. Shaw taking a copy of the progress report and said she would evaluate it and would contact Christina in approximately two weeks. This was not a traditional group 3 that has a initial, transition working stages. The termination of group was when client 's progress report is presented to the counselor for further evaluation and the client 's period at DVE is terminated

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