Reflection On How Will You Manage Classroom Discussions

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12. How will you manage classroom discussions?

In order to facilitate discussions in the classroom, I will have a procedure that includes craft sticks that have the students ' names on them. This discussion procedure ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to participate and share their responses in class. The randomness of drawing a student’s name using the craft Sticks method also helps with classroom management by keeping students engaged because they might be called on to participate.

13, How will you manage students working in groups?

Prior to assigning students into groups, I must determined how they will be grouped, where they will work, how they will work together, and how do I transition them to end their work and
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Students will deposit their broken or dull pencil in a container next to the sharpened pencil container. I will show the students on the first day where the pencil station is located and what they need to do when they need a sharpened pencil. I will demonstrate what a student needs to do to quietly signal that they need to leave his or her seat to get a new pencil. I will ask for a pencil monitor to help sharpen the dull or broken pencils at the end of class. Every student will have a turn to monitor the …show more content…
My procedure for distributing materials will include the students passing papers across the rows not straight up the columns. Students are seated in order across the rows, so that the papers will be in order when they are collected and when it is time to grade them. Additionally, by having the papers pass across desks prevents students from getting poked and it decreases the number of students that need to pass the papers up to the front.

20. What are your students to do if an unexpected visitor comes to your door during class?

My procedure for when expected or unexpected visitors come into my classroom is to continue with my lesson and teach my students. I will introduce and welcome the visitors and show them where they may sit or stand to observe. I will continue following my agenda and reference the objective for the lesson. I will provide a copy of my classroom procedures and rules to the expected visitors as they enter or I will provide it to the unexpected visitors on their way out of the classroom. My focus is to continue teaching as I normally do and show the visitors how a effectively managed classroom operates.

21. What is your procedure for when there is a fire

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