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  • The Importance Of Australian Higher Education

    Australian higher education establishments aim to enhance the learning experiences of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The goal is to increase access to and participation of all groups in the community. Tim Pitman (2012) argues that there has been the development of distinctive outline that embodies an Australian conception of inclusive teaching in higher education, as well as its approaches to teaching and supporting students who come to university through funding to a range of…

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  • Inclusion Principles In The Classroom

    classroom, they still bring up the negatives of inclusion practice for children with special education needs. Because the authors bring up the negatives of the article it shows that they are recognizing their methods are not perfect and there is always room for improvement. It adds depth to their article because it shows understanding that there are more than one side to the results and…

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  • Disadvantages Of Self-Contained Classroom

    When possible instruction was given in the student’s own classroom, but many times instruction would be given in the resource room where focus issues could be addressed and multiple students from different classes but similar lessons could be combined. A disadvantage of this style is the seclusion from the student’s class and the teachings they may miss from the general education…

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  • Interview And Acceptance Essay

    Introduction This career episode is based on my summer training. As per my university curriculum, during the end of 6th semester of my study everyone has to undergo a summer training for the partial fulfillment of Industrial Training Seminar conducted at the mid of 7th semester. The main objective was to apply procured knowledge to the live scenario and also gain hands-on experience working in a real-time and practical environment. Details of this training are as follows: Background…

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  • Special Needs

    A good overview about what special needs is, has been provided from this learning process. From that, we have learned about the categories of special needs that affect human beings especially young children. Proper definitions, causes and prevention about what these categories entail have been clearly put down and understood. This paper focuses on the summary, knowledge and insights of what we have learned from this process. We must understand what these categories of special needs are. They are…

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  • Gwendolyn Alleyne School Narrative

    student to place personal items such as a coat or backpack. The classroom had a rug on the floor, which was theme appropriate and colorful. It acted as a center in the classroom, where the students got some of their instructional time. The rug made the room feel more homey and comfortable. The class bulletin board was used as a supplementary teaching tool by displaying assignments, holidays, test dates, decorating for the seasons. It was also used to incorporate a theme by months of the…

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  • Inclusive Education

    Introduction In recent years, education policies have been progressively shifting towards inclusive education in many countries. As there has been a significant increase of inclusive classroom, educators and families should be educated on the effects of this type of education on children with special needs. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the intensive research that has been conducted on what inclusive education is as well as the history of inclusive education and the benefits of…

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  • Blind Children Research Paper

    I am writing a research paper on blind children learning in a regular classroom. As you read this article you will read about my own thoughts and views when it comes to blind children learning in what most call a regular classroom. The information in this paper will go on to in how teachers and the students feel when it comes to having children who are blind come into a normal classroom. Throughout this paper you will find research that will either support blind children learning in a regular…

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  • How Can Humans Use Artificial Intelligence Create Visual Art?

    Technology has been rapidly developing in the past decades. Compared to half a decade ago, technology has grown at a faster rate. Humans use technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to make tasks easier and aid humans; but, can artificial intelligence do more than aid humans? Can humans use artificial intelligence for something less mechanical and more organic, such as visual arts? Yes, at the rate technology is advancing, artificial intelligence will be able to create fine arts as skillfully…

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  • The Importance Of Exceptional Learners

    The sensory room included a small trampoline, bikes, balls, plastic toys, soothing music, bean bags, basketball hoop game, along with other various sensory objects. This room provided an oasis of relaxation which is crucial to the students’ emotional health and helps to encourage hand and eye coordination as well as foster learning social, language…

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