Battle of Fort Sumter

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  • Battle Of Fort Sumter Essay

    over 618,000 people. The Battle of Fort Sumter was a battle over politics between the North and the South. The event of the battle of Fort Sumter all started when Abraham Lincoln was elected, but before that he was inaugurated the 16th President of the United States. Today Fort Sumter is a museum, but before that happened there was a battle; a battle that started with politics. On November 15, 1860, President of the United States ,James Buchanan, called together his Cabinet telling them that the South Carolina Governor ,William Gist, was demanding that the Federal Government give up the forts located in Charleston Harbor. Two of the cabinet…

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  • Analysis: What Was It Like To Participate In The Civil War

    On April 13 1861, the Home News Extra in Marietta, Ohio published terrible news re what was happening at Fort Sumter. The paper wrote about the fleet entering into the harbour for reinforcing Major Anderson. Battles continued to rage and Fort Sumter’s roof was set on fire. Major Anderson stopped firing to try to extinguish the fire. War vessels could not go in due to the ebbing tide and the Fort Moultrie was disabled. The fort burnt the whole night and these but calmly Lincoln received these…

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  • St. Thomas Aquinas's Three Criterias For A Just War

    “St. Thomas Aquinas identifies three criteria for a just war. First, a war must be waged by a legitimate authority. Second, a war must have a just cause. Third, a war must have the right intentions. (P. 139) In order for a war to be waged by a legitimate authority, it must serve the common good, not just private interests and agendas. (P. 138) In order for a war to have just cause, it must include: protecting citizens from hostile or violent behavior, restoring rights that have been taken away…

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  • Fort Sumter Importance

    know where the first battle in the Civil War was located? That first battle was located at Fort Sumter, and was one of the most historic battles to ever happen on U.S. soil. Fort Sumter is located in South Carolina, which was a very important place to win because the state was undecided on which side to choose in the conflict. Many people do not realize the importance of this battle, and the conflicts leading up to it. Due to the major conflicts Fort Sumter brought it was definite the American…

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  • Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858: Fort Sumter Battle 1861

    Fort Sumter is on an island in South Carolina and the primary intention was to protect the Charleston Harbor. I believe that the The Fort Sumter Battle is the most essential because it was known as the first battle that sparked the Civil War. The reason for this battle was because numerous southern states had left the Union to create their own. Many southern states including, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Florida had left the Union and created their own. As time went on, they made…

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  • Civil War Thematic Essay

    Protestant churches who often tied themselves with matters of the state, and this stayed at the heart of who the Southerners wanted their new nation to be. When the Civil War started, the Southerners also looked to their religious leaders to help guide them through a difficult time, filled with heavy losses. Also, Christian ministers began to preach about God’s plan for the Civil War, making their battle into more of a Crusade to…

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  • How Did Ulysses S. Grant Affect The Civil War

    Even though it was a draw he showed that the Union was willing to fight. February of 1862 he was able to capture two major forts of the Confederate in Tennessee Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. These were the first major victories for the Union and he was promoted to a major general. Grant was in high spirits until the battle of Shiloh. That Battle of Shiloh happened on April 6, 1862, Confederate soldiers under the leadership of General Albert Sidney Johnston. The Confederates pour out from the…

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  • Fort Sumter Summary

    Fort Sumter is an island fort located in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Originally constructed in 1829 as a coastal garrison, Fort Sumter is most famous for being the site of the first shots of the Civil War. The battle of Fort Sumter began 155 years ago on April 12th -14th 1861 and it all started when South Carolina seceded from the union in December of 1860, Union forces in the area took refuge in Fort Sumter. The Union troops started running out supplies. When President Abraham Lincoln…

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  • Fort Sumter History

    Fort Sumter was first implicit the wake of the War of 1812, which had highlighted the United States ' absence of solid waterfront resistances. Named for Revolutionary War general and South Carolina local Thomas Sumter, Fort Sumter was one of about 50 forts assembled as a feature of the supposed Third System, a waterfront barrier project actualized by Congress in 1817. The three-layered, five-sided fort 's beach front situation was intended to permit it to control access to the basic Charleston…

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  • Fort Sumter Essay

    The events leading to the outbreak of the Civil War quickly snowballed and became much more severe than the previous ones. Leading up to the attack on Fort Sumter, the North and the South already had contrasting views on several issues not only on slavery, but also what the center of the economy should be based on and the limits of power the government ought to have. The Election of 1860 proved to be a breaking point for the South after Abraham Lincoln was elected. First and foremost, Lincoln…

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