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  • What Is Artificial Intelligence Affect The Future Of Humanity?

    With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past 40 years, the future of society, economics, and creations is at a particular fulcrum point. We are at a threshold where in the next 20 to 40 years, AI can become the foundation of all functions of human life, whether it be legal advice, driving, cooking, or stock trading. The acquiescence of AI into society has the palpable potential to remove human-centered facets of life, ranging from the near removal of a human workforce, to…

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  • Inclusive Classroom Observation

    Observation: As part of my research paper for three days I observed an inclusive classroom for two hours each day. During this time I was able to see how the general education teacher handles real life teaching situations in a classroom that has students with different abilities and six whom have IEP’s for numerous reasons such as emotional disorders. During my observation I took notes on both the students behavior and the strategies implemented by the teacher. The observation helped me to…

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  • Differentiated Instruction In The Classroom

    Every classroom is diverse. The students, teachers, and dynamics between each person set the the tone of how the class will function for the year. However, those relationships do not paint the whole picture when it comes to how a student will learn and thrive. The way in which individual children learn is unique. Within each classroom there is a wide array of learning needs. There may be academically gifted students or students with learning disabilities. Since there can be a huge spectrum, it…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Inclusion

    The differing opinions of inclusion exists and always will. As years pass students with disabilities are increasingly being placed in the general education classes. Inclusion not only allows for students with disabilities to receive the same education as their peers, but it also raises awareness for disabilities and allows for diversity. By including students in general education classes, students are faced with students with disabilities and it opens their eyes to how students with disabilities…

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  • Consciousness Definition Essay

    The topic of why humans are the way we are is one that has caused some of the greatest thinkers of human history to spend years pondering. Along with this pondering, questions have risen that has caused many controversies over the years. The questions include things such as “What is the mind?” “Where is it found?” “Why do we experience what we do?” “How do we know what I am seeing and experiencing is the same thing that you are experiencing?” And perhaps one of the biggest questions that has…

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  • School Counselors Perceptions Of Interracial Self-Identity

    As the population of biracial elementary and middle school children, also comes the rise of a population of unique individuals who may need guidance to assist in their self-identity. Over the course of the years, biracial children have been the target of a lot of scrutiny. In an article entitled School Counselors' Perceptions of Biracial Students' Functioning it states that “early research concerning biracial individuals came from a biological perspective that characterized interracial…

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  • Students With Disabilities Act Analysis

    disadvantage is the fact that some students need the special education classroom in order to obtain the maximum benefit of their education. In this setting they have more one-on-one time with the teacher and there are less distractions in the smaller class room. In a regular classroom, students with disabilities might have low self esteem and feel depressed, overwhelmed and inadequate compared to their non-disabled peers, because they are able to see what their peers can do…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Inclusion In Public Education

    Children who are considered to have special needs are usually separated from students who are not. Inclusion in education will get rid of the boundaries in present day life allowing both students of special needs are non-LD to learn in the same room. This paper will discuss the history of special education, the needs of the child, the struggles and the several points of view. Before introducing the history of special education, we must first understand what is LD. In the 21st century there…

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  • Importance Of Early Intervention

    1. Why is it so important to provide early intervention services as soon as possible to young children at-risk? Early intervention services should be provided to young children at-risk as early as possible. These services and support are vital to the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of the child. Early intervention often times can reduce the effects of disability and prevent future difficulties. Studies in Behavioral Science have shown that early stimulation is critical to the…

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  • King Of Castle Quotes

    I’m the King of Castle is a gothic novel about ‘a victim and a tormentor’. Two boys, Edmund Hooper and Charles Kingshaw, were forced to live in an isolated castle together by their single parents. To a great extent, Susan Hill makes main characters difficult to admire, especially Edmund Hooper and Mrs. Kingshaw who is the mother of Charles. In the novel, Hill focuses on establishing Edmund Hooper’s sociopath and Mrs. Kingshaw’s poor parenting and superficial and self-centred behaviour. Susan…

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