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  • Catastrophist's Theory Of Plate Tectonics

    Geology The Field of Geology didn’t become a major field until World war II, when the sea floor was mapped out in detail for submarines revealing a mid-Atlantic underwater mountain range, and a rift which started the theory of Plate Tectonics. Plate tectonics are used to explain the forming of mountains and even continents after the Pangaea. Plate tectonics explains that continents could have broken up, but there are 2 major theories on how. Catastrophist’s believe that a series of catastrophes…

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  • Robotic Exploration On Mars

    Since the first close-up picture of Mars was obtained in 1965, there have been significant endeavours undertaken to explore the ‘Red Planet’ (National Geographic, n.d.). In particular, a number of successful missions have taken place over the last two decades and provided valuable information about Mars. 1996 - Mars Global Surveyor In 1996, the Mars Global Surveyor mission and the Mars Pathfinder mission were launched. The Mars Global Surveyor arrived at Mars on September 12 1997, becoming the…

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  • Essay On Uranus

    Uranus: Uranus was discovered in 1781 by a British Astronomer named William Herschel, using a 6 inch telescope. At first he thought that it might be a nebulous star or even a comet, but after continued observation, he realized that it appeared to be a disk in the sky that moved relative to the stars. The movement was far too slow to be a comet and soon enough he realized that he had discovered the 7th planet at the time. At first, he wanted to name it Georgium Sidus which translates to…

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  • Analysis Of Lap Splice Reinforce

    Bond Strength and Stress slip of Lap splice reinforcement with Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrapped and unwrapped concrete beams with the confinement properties. Abstract: This paper describes the experimental results of different researchers to examine the properties and behavior of lap splice reinforcement in a concrete beam. Beam specimens were constructed and tested in the lab. The beam specimen was tested with monotonic (cyclic) and fatigue loading. The beam was divided into three groups:…

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  • Volcanoes Research Paper

    The Earth is a birthplace for incredible natural disasters. These are earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes to name just a few. But one disaster, famously known for its ability to spew hot magma from an opening in its surface is considered the most captivating. Volcanoes, whose name originates from Vulcan the Roman god of fire, are some of the most stunning and fascinating processes to occur underneath and on the surface of the earth. To better understand volcanoes this essay will touch on…

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  • Migration In Africa

    The human race begins roughly around 2.4 million years ago, and is disbursed throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is from the Homo ergaster, who remained in Africa, however, that evolved into Homo sapiens. Moreover, natural selection is the outcome of species who survived by adapting to global climate changes during migration process, thereby producing offspring and strengthening their kind in the evolutionary process. It was fifteen thousand years ago, an immense migration of people made…

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  • Aryabhatiyam Case Study

    Intrusive igneous rocks are formed due to the cooling of the molten lava inside of the earth. Granite is the best example of the intrusive igneous rocks. Extrusive Igneous rocks are formed due to the cooling of the molten lava on the surface of the earth. Basalt is the best example of extrusive igneous rocks. Sandstone is an example of sedimentary rocks. Due to the heat and pressure Igneous and sedimentary rocks are converted into metamorphic rocks, limestone is the example of metamorphic rocks.…

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  • New Zealand Land Resource Assessment

    1. Introduction This report will use data from the New Zealand Land Resource Inventory (NZLRI) to describe and subsequently assess seven sites in the area around Lincoln and the Port Hills in Canterbury, New Zealand. The data will provide an insight into what land uses would be suitable for each site. This will then be compared against the current land use, as recorded during a site visit on 8 March 2016. 2. Description of Study Area 2.1. Location, topography and boundaries The study area is…

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  • Land Art, Spiral Jetty And The Great Serpent Mound

    Lake in the Utah desert with a meters-long straight tail that winds into the counterclockwise curvatures of the spiral. The spiral was planned for months in advance and required a team of many to bring to it to conception and thousands of tons of basalt rock, boulders, salt crystals and mud. Smithson chose the location for its stark, desolate quality and also for the features of the lake, which turns bright red seasonally due to the salt and bacteria that thrive in it. However, along with…

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  • African Religion Essay

    Olmec civilization of Mexico, the first complex culture of the Americas, is thought to have been influenced by the classical African civilizations of Ethiopia, Kemet, and Meroe […] the civilization shifted to La Venta, where huge African heads of basalt have been found. Weighing several tons and resembling the faces and hairstyles of Africans of the same period of time […] Olmec civilization was the first civilization established by Africans outside of the continent of Africa. (22-23) In the…

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