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  • Baseball Bat Physics

    Step one of the chain involves a mix of biomechanics and physics. The player has more strength to lift, carry, and move baseball bat. The ease of the baseball bat operations for the player on anabolic steroids results in the faster swing because it becomes easier for him to do that. It can be compared with the tossing of a lightweight Nerf ball between a five-year-old child and and adult. The adult has more power so that he will throw the ball further and will not feel the weight of it in his hand, while the five-year-old child might not have such ability and strength to launch the ball. The same principle applies here – players can swing the baseball bat more easily, enhancing their capacity to hit the ball harder. When the speed of the swing…

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  • Baseball Bat Research Paper

    The baseball bat has been around for a very long time. It is to be expected then, that like other pieces of sporting equipment, the baseball bat has evolved over time to take its present form. Originally, the players used to make their own baseball bat or get a wood maker to do it for them. This resulted in a huge variety of sizes, although the round baseball bat was always the most popular. With all this variety, the game was starting to swing in favour of the batter over the pitcher, so rules…

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  • Marginal Analysis: Producing Maple Baseball Bats

    For the Marginal Analysis Paper, my business will be producing maple baseball bats. After some research, I found that these kind of baseball bats can be produced for about $60 per unit. Fixed monthly cost for my company are $2375, which includes rent and utilities. With that information, a cost function of C(x)=60x+2375, where x is the quantity of units, can be used to determine the monthly cost of running the business. The Price-Demand equation for my hypothetical company is x=f(x)=8500-25p.…

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  • Bat Conservation International's My White Paper

    offering to write a white paper to Cullen Geiselman of Bat Conservation International in regards to a technology discovered in 2013. This white paper will be written under the guidelines of my English 3302 studies along with Technical Communications by Paul Anderson. The technology chosen would aid the organization in many of its goals regarding bat conservation. A volatile organic chemical (VOC) derived from bacteria is found to hinder white-nose syndrome fungus growth in bat colonies across…

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  • The Trope Of Flying In Toni Morrison's Song Of Solomon

    The Evolution of the Trope of Flying In Morrison’s Song of Solomon Flying is a trope which is depicted prominently in Toni Morrison’s book Song of Solomon. This trope appears in the book as a branch of magic realism and it provides the magical element within harshness and tepid realism. The trope unites all the different elements of the story together throughout the entire book. Obviously, flying is an important clue in the book and it is used for both literally and figuratively as a way to…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Influence Of Cages

    The cage is the nickname for the rectangular shaped warehouse that Ben rents out and converted into a baseball batting cage and fitness area. This place has impacted myself today because it has enforced into my mind that working hard to achieve your goals does not have to be miserable. Even though we were working hard at the cage, it is still where I had some of my fondest memories over this summer. Once you step into the cage you can still hear the sound of a doorbell greeting you inside which…

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  • Forelimbs Lab Report

    Chiroptera forelimb morphological evolution is what allows them the gift of flight, which is their forelimb main function. Their wings contain an altered tetrapod limb structure (Cooper and Tabin 2008). Changes include increasing membrane surface area between the digits and between the forelimb and flank (Cooper and Tabin 2008). In addition to a reduced bone thickness which decreases the bats weight (Cooper and Tabin 2008). Also a strengthen forelimb and increase in muscle mass of the forelimb,…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Softball And Baseball

    major sport it is today, and while many people think softball and baseball are basically the same sport, there are some pretty important differences. After Yale’s victory against Harvard’s football team on Thanksgiving Day, 1887, a Yale alumni, in Chicago, jokingly threw a boxing glove at one of his Harvard buddies, who then swung at the glove with a broomstick. George Handcock playfully yelled “Play ball!” and unknowingly…

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  • Narrative Essay: Why Softball Is Important In My Life

    From the smell of fresh cut grass to the chalked-up dirt, the softball field is a place I love to be. Softball has played a huge part in my life. I started playing at a very young age with my brother, who is one year younger than I am. My dad played baseball when he was younger, and he almost played for the Mexican Baseball Team, but he got injured right before tryouts so he couldn’t play. My dad first took my brother and I to a baseball game when I was two years old, it was probably the…

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  • The Importance Of Barry Bonds In The Game Of Baseball

    Baseball is a sport favored by many Americans today and also known as “Americas past time.” A sport, parents put their children into as soon as they can to get them to grow friendships at a young age and a passion for the game. A sport, where most fathers and his family cannot wait to watch their favorite MLB team clinch the playoffs and, battle for a chance to play in the World Series. Come the month October, Bars, Sports Restaurants, and Living rooms across America are filled to maximum…

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