Wooden Baseball Bat Analysis

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The Autobiography of a Wooden Baseball Bat I remember back when I used to be a big, healthy ash tree in central North America. I had all my friends living next to me. Oak, Maple, Pine, they were all where there with me. Then one day it all turned around. I was sitting there, my leaves blowing in the wind, when a creature with a spinning machine starts cutting away at my feet. I thought my life was ending, but when I fell, I was still alive. I was laying there on the ground thinking all was lost, and he started shaving off my outer skin. Whenever I thought that all the pain was over, he started trimming off all my leaves. After that was over, more things come out and pick me up and put me on a platform. The monsters threw straps over me and …show more content…
They left my bottom on, so I am big around my head and skinny around my legs and my feet are the same thickness as my head. It’s an odd shape for a piece of wood. I have no idea what they are going to do with me. I hope they make me into something useful, not something like a bench or swing. If they do, I will always have my face being squished. I don’t think any piece of wood would want that! Just when I thought I was done, I hear something turn on. That noise hasn’t turned out well for me in the past. I feel my outer skin smoothing out. All of the sudden I am smooth as a baby’s bottom! It puts me on a machine and they start engraving letters on my back side. It says a name like Josh Hamilton. I am thinking, what is a Josh Hamilton. Then the weird creature picks me up and puts me on a scale. I look down and see numbers changing. The thing called a human, says something like “Perfect!” Then he picks me up and brushes a liquid on me and I start changing colors. The human puts a sticky piece of paper on me. It has some letters on it but I can’t read it. He grabs a can that says “Varnish” on it and puts a layer of that on me. Then I start to get shiny. I am very smooth and glossy now, but I’m still very

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