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  • Dire Dawa Case Study

    CHAPTER THREE 3. Materials and methods 3.1 Description of the study area 3.1.1 Location Dire Dawa is one of the two chartered cities in Ethiopia (the other being the capital, Addis Ababa). The administrative council consists of the city of Dire Dawa and the surrounding rural areas. The council has no administrative zones but one woreda - Gurgura woreda. There are 4 Keftegnas, 24 urban kebeles and 28 rural peasants associations. It is found at a road distance of 515 km from Addis Ababa. Dire Dawa…

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  • Igneous Rock Formation

    For each sample, provide a detailed description, as precise of a rock name as you can, and an interpretation of the (possible) environment of formation. Quaternary: This is an igneous rock known as Tuff pyroclastic, which is a volcano-clastic rick composed mainly of volcanic ash. This conclusion makes sense as the quick cooling would cause the porous structures. This rock possesses sand to mud sized grains; therefore it is fine grained. This rock has interlocking crystals as well as a…

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  • Geology Of Mars Essay

    Mars both contain similar elements however in different size quantities. Both Planets consist of silicon(Si), oxygen(O), Iron(Fe), Magnesium(Mg) Aluminium (Al), Calcium (Ca) and Potassium(K) and these elements create rocky planets with crusts of basalt, feldspar and glass. (Kte’pi:2014). However similar in composition on the surface, it is the activity below the surface that determines planets…

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  • Pompeii Bread Research Paper

    Much like today, bread was a staple food in the Roman diet. Rather than making bread at home, buying bread from bakeries was commonplace as it is today. In most cases, these bakeries or pistrina made many varieties of bread and sold it in adjoining shops. Archaeological remains show a large quantity and a highly advanced number of bakeries throughout Pompeii proving their importance in everyday life. Likewise, thermopolia were important and very comparable to modern day dining. Thermopolia have…

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  • Case Study Of Brianna Cardenas

    For example when faced with a task that requires the mutual efforts of others around you, things will start to get a bit chaotic. Perhaps one co-author happens to believe that Obsidian founded in the depth of a previous volcanic sight is actually Basalt, while others continually disagree with her yet show no evidence for such statements, would cause disagreements and hold the writing and research process for a lengthful amount of time. In order for any project, especially forms of written works,…

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  • The Black Stone In Islam

    BLACK STONE IN MECCA Introduction The Black Stone is known as ‘al-Hajar-al-Aswad’ in the Arabic language and is the most Holy object for the Muslims which is still present in its original and ancient form. It is located in one of the cornerstones of Ka’aba Sharif, which is the Holy stone building for the Muslims. The building is surrounded by the ‘Masjid-al-Haram’, which to the Muslims is known as the grand mosque. The Black Stone has been fixed in the wall of the Ka’aba Sharif at a distance…

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  • Apollo 11: First Humans On The Moon

    Apollo 11 was the space flight that landed the first humans on the moon. Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first astronauts involved. Mr Armstrong was the first to step onto the MOON the 21st of July at 2:56 UTC. They collected 21.5 kg of lunar material to take back to earth. There was also another astronaut called Michael Collins who piloted the command spacecraft by himself until Armstrong and Aldrin returned a day later to go back to earth. These were the first astronauts to…

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  • Yosemite National Park Essay

    Yosemite National Park was first protected in 1864 and has since been a fascinating landscape that can be observed by people from all over (NPS). The formation of Yosemite Valley has been a natural phenomena for millions of years, formed by some of Earth’s most compelling geological sources. Yosemite has many beautiful granite formations and glacier-carved landscapes that attract everyone from artists to geologists (Huber, 1987). Yosemite Valley was formed by a series of different forces…

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  • Charles Darwin's Three Principles Of Evolution By Natural Selection

    Charles Darwin is very well known for his theories on evolution and most importantly his three principles of evolution by natural selection. Darwin’s first principle is that a variation exists within populations. Some examples of variations include body size, bone structure, tooth size, hair thickness, shape of the rib cage and position of the foramen magnum. In Evolution, Dr. Alice Roberts provides examples of early hominins and how their physical makeups were reconstructed by archeologists…

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  • Architecture: Postmodernism In Australia

    The appearance of forms that for decades were forbidden: pediments and arches, towers and domes, appear again during the postmodernism era. As Christian Norberg-Schulz stated, “Aren’t they just the manifestation of superficial nostalgia?”.1 Postmodernism came as a protest against the sterile emptiness of ‘late modern’ architecture, which lacks the satisfactory reference to everyday world of things. Modern architecture was always abstract and drew away from reality. It became non-figurative, as…

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