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  • Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of Markgragunt Gravity Landslides

    gravity slide is referring to gravity slide tectonics. In comparison to a land slide, gravity slides compose of large slabs of the earth’s crust. In Markgragunt, the believed reason why it slid down was because the geography was mainly composed of heavy basalt that has been layered on top of sand and clay, which in due time resulted in a slip that resulted in the gravity…

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  • Snite Museum Reflection Paper

    was created in honor of the olmec culture. This particular sculpture is perceived to be created in the early-middle preclassic periods. To be specific, it’s creation falls from 1500-400 B.C. The human/jaguar head is composed of a material known as basalt. This is a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that sometimes displays a columnar structure. The head’s scale is rather large. Displayed in the current method that it is at the Snite, the sculpture is approximately a little less than three feet…

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  • Volcanoes

    Volcanoes Volcanoes are magnificent yet dangerous structures created by the forces of nature when Earth’s tectonic plates diverge and collide against each other letting the Earth vent out pent up gases, magma, rock, and ash. There are three types of volcanoes called Shield, Stratovolcanoes, and Cinder cones. Volcanoes are further labeled as active, dormant, or extinct depending on recent activity. The magma underneath the Earth’s mantle is responsible for the explosion and creation of volcanoes…

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  • Similarities Between Olmec And Mesoamerica

    Justifying Rulership: a comparison of the Olmec and Ubaid cultures There are many similarities in the rise of complex society in both Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica. From monumental structure building to well integrated trade, cultures such as the Olmec of Mesoamerica 1200 BC - 400 AD and the Ubaid of Mesopotamia 4500 BC-3000 BC, have many parallel elements relating to their success as complex societies and what one may refer to as states, despite thousands of years between the two. Comparatively…

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  • Olmec Civilization Analysis

    OVERVIEW/ OLMEC SETTLEMENT Lines, imagery, figurines, pottery, and statutes; the Olmec Civilization had it all. Art can be infinitely defined. But have you ever heard of the monumental heads of the Olmec Civilization? Allow me to give you a taste of this incredible civilization with hidden treasures it hides within the tropical region of Mexico. Many know of monumental sculptures such as the Easter Island heads and the infamous Stonehenge, but where do these large Olmec heads fit into these…

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  • The Goddess Coatlicue Analysis

    1. The title of this sculpture is The Goddess Coatlicue. She stands at eight feet, six inches, and is located in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City. An Aztec sculptor created her out of an igneous rock called basalt. This black or gray colored rock is fine-grained and forms from lava as small amounts shoot out of volanoes and cool quickly. This statue was originally discovered in 1790, but was immediately reburied due to its terrifying nature.…

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte's Role During The French Revolution

    Egypt to disrupt any incoming British merchants by cutting the trade route to India . During Bonaparte expedition he assign France leading scientist to journey with him. After a visit in a unfamiliar town. Napoleon soldiers discovered a slab of black basalt written in hieroglyphics, called Rosetta stone. Once the army disembarked in Egypt, the France army was bombarded with British artillery . British navy ships commanded by Horatio Nelson. The British fleet destroyed many French boats.…

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  • Fossil Primate Comparison Essay

    during the middle Eocene in Europe, particulary Germany. Darwinius masillae was discorvered southeast of Frankfurt, Germany. 3. Darwinius is dated back to approximately 47 million years ago by. The dating technique used was radiometric based on a basalt fragment coming from underlying volcanic chimney. Eosimias are thought to have lived around 40-45 million years ago based on stratigraphic dating (Wright, Simons, Gursky 25) 4. Eosimias exhibit similarities that resemble that of Tarsiers. They…

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  • Missoula Flood Causes

    Western Montanah was full of water. Evidence- Some of the land forms that were left behind from the Missoula Floods were; empty canyons, random bolders in plataue, rip marks in mountians, dry water falls, large amounts of dry land, verticle colums of basalt, deep colonies where water flooded, dry steam beds, sad bars, torn sediments of mountians creating clifs with water falls, wiper out canyons, carver ripple marks. Cause of Plate Techtonics 6.) Most of earths movement is caused by the thermal…

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  • Venera 13 And 14: A Case Study

    Venera 14 Lander images of the surface of Venus at 13 S, 310 E on 5 March 1982. Both images show part of the lander at the bottom. Near the center of the top image is a lens cover, and the bottom image shows a test arm. This area is composed of flat basalt-like rocks, but little soil or fine-grained material (University of Oregon). Instrumentation Venera 14 occupied a camera with red, green, blue, and clear filters, an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, an acoustic detector, and a seismometer…

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