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  • A Marching Band Analysis

    One of the generalities about the band is that we are ambitious towards reaching goals yet lackadaisical towards giving the necessary work. We hope to have a productive rehearsal, yet talk for most of its duration. People, thinking they are leaders, yell for everyone to “help the pit!” yet do not help them themselves. As a band, we expect others to accomplish our goals for us. We assume that someone else is going to play loud enough to cover for our own lack of sound. We assume that the effort…

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  • Bravery In The Civil War

    during the war; there was plenty of brass instruments accompanied by bands and voices singing together. The music and bravery from the soldiers went together beautifully. The soldiers feared dying in battle but with a little music could boost their adrenaline.…

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  • Funerary Relief

    Beginning with her headwear, remarkably prominent bands cover her forehead and advance to the top of her head. The band across her forehead is patterned with alternating plants, while the one directly above it doesn’t have an elaborate embroider, but is instead separated by two internal horizontal lines, giving it the appearance of three separate sections. Her hair is wrapped around this band giving it the realistic function of keeping her hair out of her face. Her hair…

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  • Listening To A Concert Analysis

    The album tracks play a huge role on how they prepare for concerts because there’s a live band and some things wont sound exactly the same, and being able to imitate an computerized band is almost impossible because you can fix mistake when you make them on the computer. When playing live a mistake is supposed to be forgotten about in that split second that it was made. Sounds from a recording…

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  • Band Hinds Concert Report

    Concert On April 17, the band Hinds with opening act Twin Peaks perform live at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix. It was a Monday and I had class at 5:45pm till 7pm and homework due soon. Like every college student we tend to procrastinate and say "screw it, have fun",yet regret it later. That day I proudly skip class and my boyfriend and I take a lyft from my house to downtown Phoenix and meet up with our group of friends. To give a little information on the band, Hinds is a Spanish…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Grateful Dead

    turns into skeletal version of himself who starts to sing the opening song, or the Great Seal of the United States on fire, further hinting at the mixture of styles the band uses in their music. To Fully grasp the band and their style we first must understand them, and their relationship with one another and the fans.…

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  • The Rocking Dead: A Zombie Musical Analysis

    The Rocking Dead, a band loaded with youthful egotistical performing artists, get themselves stranded in a cabin just as an epidemic of rabies miles from them is being battled. The rabies is what is causing all the humans to become alter mental and makes them hungry for brains…

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  • Describe A Performance At The Bomb Factory

    At eight in the evening on Friday, November 4th, a band called The Neighbourhood performed at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas. Opening for them were the bands Manchester Orchestra and Chappo. Being a major longtime fan of both The Neighbourhood and Manchester Orchestra, I felt incredibly lucky to have family living near Dallas who were willing to provide a place to stay for myself and my husband to attend the concert and see a new city. The entire performance was impressive, extremely hyped,…

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  • High School Band Research Paper

    Students of all grades and interests gather in the band room before school begins. They compare homework, discuss conclusions, greet friends, make plans together, practice, or just hang out. New students feel that there is something special going on and hang around to see what it is. They could read or learn stories about past band member’s ones who achieved amazing results during high school as well as ones who are doing wonderful things in colleges and careers. They feel connected, not just to…

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  • Breaking Benjamin Argumentative Essay

    Benjamin is a rock band from Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1999 by Benjamin Burnley, lead singer and guitarist for the band. The first lineup included drummer Jeremy Hummel, bassist Mark Klepaski, and guitarist Aaron Fink. They released four studio albums between 2002 and 2009 (Saturate (2002), We Are Not Alone (2004), Phobia (2006), and Dear Agony (2009)). Due to Burnley’s recurring illnesses, the band was forced to enter into an extended hiatus in 2010. During the hiatus, the band released a…

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