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  • Personal Narrative: Express At My School

    This I Believe What makes a person believe in something? A powerful moment, tragic loss, or sign from above are all things that can cause people to have a deeper understanding of their life. In particular, an influencing moment caused me to realize some things about an area of my life that were not clear before. Due to this moment, I now strongly believe in the power of spotlight. I am a member of the varsity show choir group called Express at my school. Being apart of this group has…

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  • Jazz Concert Experience Essay

    held outside performing art building on October 19, featured students at CGCC. I got there around the time it started and the band was still setting up. Which was great for me because this gave me time to pull out my materials and take pictures of the setting. I took notes of the instruments used in the jazz combo and recorded some part of the session I attended. As band did their finished discussing their arrangement and finished setting up. I observed the crowd and who gathered to watch. At…

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  • Breaking Benjamin And The Modern Post-Grunge

    Will Not Bow. When I say the tone is heavy, I mean that the music carry a weight behind them. A weight in the way it sounds, but also the lyrics themselves. It creates a sense of relatability with the audience that the band is trying to appeal towards. The tone given from this band creates an environment to look forward to. Making songs with weight behind the words creates a broad range of music you can…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Music Changed My Life

    groove to the rhythm. I began writing down my thoughts, studying bands and I even changed my style. Long hair, skinny jeans, the works. I joined a band with the best guitarist I knew. Despite me being tone deaf then we managed to make a song and play it for everyone we knew. This was a triumphant victory, to me. To my guitarist, this was a bore. Growing weary of the duo he departed with two of our mutual friends to form a new band. Me? I was devastated. Over time our friendship vaporized and…

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  • Analysis Of Ariana Grande's Concert In Manchester

    Imagine being at your favorite artist’s concert and singing along to your favorite song with your friends and having a great night. Then, the music stops and you hear ear defining sounds coming from inside the arena. You look around and see blood, bomb fragments, and people running all around you trying to escape the nightmare. This was a reality for thousands of people at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester in May. The terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester caused an…

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    interested to learn about her musical preferences that she enjoyed while she was a high school student in her generation. My mother response was that she enjoyed much of the popular music at the time but leaned towards rock bands. Growing up in the Seattle area, she enjoyed listening to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam because of their local connection. She said that as a teenager she didn 't listen to as much music as her peers but still enjoyed listening to the music on the radio and her…

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  • Review: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot By Brand New

    brings me back to my teenage years, when I was a young girl longing for a relationship with my dream guy. This band was introduced to me by an English teacher from highschool whom I had the biggest crush on. I connect with this song because it reminds me of the relationship I had with this teacher. He stole my heart at first sight, introduced me to beautiful music, and showed me a band that forever changed my life. In my junior year of highschool, my English teacher was going away for a week to…

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  • 'Fiesta': A Feminist Analysis

    Though it did lead to licensing deals in other movies and the band was invited to perform in the film Vendetta, with Roger Corman. Song placements followed in Reform School Girls, and the Goonies which gave Gehman the initiative to find new members. Tasked with the search for a new guitarist and rhythm section, Flores…

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  • The Woodstock Music Festival In 1969

    sex, drugs, and the impressed amounts of people who came to the event as well as the debt the creators got afterwards in three days. Time went by, an other big music festival was born in 1999 and named Coachella which is about live music of famous bands and artworks. People nowadays still affirm that Coachella is an event that was original from Woodstock and represents the same values. However, some people reject that idea and think that both events have different concepts. Grange, Camille.…

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  • Personal Narrative-It Is Hard Having A Role Model

    disappoint you. Last school year my band director and favorite teacher, Mr. Cole, did something that really changed my outlook on life. Even when trying as hard as I could, I could not make everyone happy. From this day on, I had a new view on all of my problems. I have learned that not only life but people have a way of discouraging me. Even with people disappointing me, I learned how to persevere through all of life’s struggles. In my band program, making all-region band is a massive deal.…

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