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  • Reflective Essay: Is It Hard To Find Coffee?

    “What the hell was that?” Cartman demanded. I shrug my shoulders as I continue to find coffee grounds and a coffee filter. Opening one of the many cabinets, I automatically see junk food. A sigh escapes from me, and I filter through the contents, hoping that this cabinet might have one of the materials I need. “Coffee, coffee, where would coffee be?” I mumble to myself, hoping that just by mentioning it somehow it will magically show up. “If I help you get coffee, will you tell me what that…

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  • Music Education In A Multicultural Setting Analysis

    For example, we played music in my band based on different cultures, such as African, English, and Spanish. This affected us in a positive way because everyone felt they were important in the band. It is hard for people to relate if they feel unaccepted by the majority. It is mentioned by Roger Cross (2013) that music is a cultural-creation act (p. 22). This is what links so many people together when it comes to band. I believe this is why so many people in band or choir call each other a…

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  • Music Research Papers

    developed, considering musicians depressed and low-life individuals who were not contributing to society. Not bound by contracts to record labels, these musicians had all the freedom to make whatever type of music they wanted, and this is how some bands gained a following because of their unique…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Musician

    person who influenced him to play the bass guitar was “Les Clay Pool,” from the band called “Primus”. His first performance was when he was 19 years old. He played with his very first band named (IN) which was a punk rock band. They performed at a bar named the “Token Lounge,” which is located in Westland, MI. During his time as a musician he’s played many shows. His favorite gigs to play are outdoor festivals. The band he plays bass guitar for now, called the “BEGGARS,” plays Rock & Roll. For…

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  • First Friday Research Paper

    event to give culture exposure to small local businesses and artists; drawing people in just to have a good time continues to expand the cultural experience for Tallahassee citizens. Everyone in the audience, whether they planned to stay and watch this band or whether they happened to be walking by and drawn in by the music, like me, certainly had a good…

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  • Rock Music Vs Classical Music Essay

    outside on an open stage like a rock concert. A rock concert differs from that of a classical performs. The band usually has no order to way the play. They just kind of all walk on stage and say, “hi,” to fans as they get set. The crowds at these concert don’t just sit around and clap when needed they jump around, scream the songs, and sometimes throw thing at the band, but this is the way the band gets a response that the fans like the performance. Just like Classical music crowds but more…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Prior To High School

    This is when I joined my first real band with a couple of college kids from my surrounding area. Those next 6 months of my life are to this day, the most important to date. In February of 2007, after months of playing shows on the weekends and practicing every night with my new band, things started to pick up. The band wanted to start touring full time but I was the only member still in school. We also had mention of a record…

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  • My Life In A Band Essay

    years of my life I played an instrument in a band for my hometown of Watertown, WI; little did I know that I would learn much more than playing music. Band Ensemble is a group I was motivated to join because of my brother and friends. After I joined the group and began playing the tuba, I always felt like I had a place. Being in band, I felt like I was a part of my community. First, I was drawn to band because I was interested in being a part of a team. Band was a lot of people coming together…

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  • 1965-1970 Research Paper

    norms in the musical world at the time was Janis Joplin. The performance in particular that sent her into stardom was her performance at the Monterey Pop festival. Joplin was performing a cover of Big Momma Thorton’s song “Ball and Chain” with her band at the time Big Brother and the Holding Company. Joplin sings the old blues song with such vigor and emotion that people didn’t expect to see from a woman, especially a white woman. African American women had more leeway in the way they performed,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band

    In high school, I remember where my biggest dream changed into a reality. I was a member of the Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band. I played the alto saxophone. Unlike my bandmates, I did not know how to read music then. I played by ear, and whatever scale, jazz run, or chromatic I heard, I could play it back just like that. I played at numerous of black history programs and different events at school. My favorite saxophonist was Kenneth Williams, and I told myself that I want to…

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