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  • How My Freshman Year Changed My Life

    second that I regret it. Through a friend, I found this not-very-well-known business called Evolution Rock School. It was a place where they would form small bands of these kids, all with the same skill level, and teach them what it’s meant to be in a band, how to play, and how to perform. This caused bonds to be created over time and bands to become very close, almost family-like; if someone happened to be substituting for someone who was absent, it…

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  • Wobbly World Analysis

    us of home. For this critical analysis, I decided to go watch Wobbly World with Freddy Clarke, a Jazz, Funk, and World Music Band, on September 26, 2015 at the Sausalito Seahorse in Marin County, California. The band members consist of Freddy Clarke, Bouchaib Abdelhadi, Erick Barberia, Georges Lammam, Marc van Wageningen, and Colin Douglas. Wobbly World is a world music band founded by Freddy Clarke that brings together all nations into a musical collaboration. Wobbly World takes musical…

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  • Why Marching Band Is Important To Me

    Becoming the person that I am today winds down to two main obsessions, books and band. These two fascinations have influenced my everyday choices in life. Band is something that I have been involved with for seven years, and I plan to continue in college. Being involved in this wonderful program has taught me responsibility and has nurtured my love for music. In band, everyone is responsible for many things. These responsibilities include having the ability to play an instrument well, having…

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  • Bastille Bad Blood Analysis

    an album created by the indie rock band Bastille (Bast(triangle)lle). Their studio album Bad Blood dwells on the things that we love, and how they are sometimes lost. It also show the sadness, sorrow, and overall feeling of loss. The indie rock songs in the album include "Pompeii", "Things We Lost in the Fire", "Bad Blood", and much more. They will be sure to leave strong impressions of emotion and feeling on listeners of all ages. The current members in the band Bastille include Dan Smith…

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  • UNCW Concert Report

    sung covers and towards the middle of the concert they began to show some of their original works. They were pretty enjoyable. I am not certain if they were a well know small local band or if they were just a student band that formed on campus but they were very talented and I hope that they do well I their career. This band had a more ‘soft’ alternative rock vibe and their interpretation of known song were fun, easily recognizable, and also easily understood. One of my favorite parts about…

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  • Band Section Leadership Report

    years, and would say the trumpet section has made good progress over this school year. With the little number of trumpet members in the band, the section has done a lot to step up to the occasion and play the part that may have called for double our numbers. Overall, all the members of the section have improved musically and dedicated their time to give aid to the band, rather than hurt it. The section worked cohesively when it came to helping out one another and giving advice to those that…

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  • 1960's American Influence

    figures during this time. The British rock band, The Beatles were heavily impacted by Dylan’s sudden musical change. The Beatles’ mainly produced pop hits for teens and were inspired to experiment with their creative abilities. Bob’s Freewheelin’ album made a huge impression on them. “For three weeks in Paris, we didn't stop playing it," Lennon stated. “We all went potty about Dylan.” It was his distinctive lyrics that captivated the band. As result, the band released more experimental types of…

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  • Band Practice Research Paper

    Have you ever been late to go to school at night because you were working? Band practice was scheduled one night after school from 6-9. It slipped my mind when I was at my job. I accidentally showed up late for practice. I walked into first hour excited about practice that night. I wanted the percussion to win every competition we went to, since that’s how it was last year. The band teacher announced that there would be practice that night and for everyone to show up on time. I…

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  • Hunter Gathers Research Paper

    This essay discusses what hunter-gathers are and how it fits with a band organization, what life was like for Bushmen and the role of kinship and friendship, and the safety nets formed by the Ju/’hoansi people. I will evaluate the definitions of these types of groups, and what they are made up of. I will give examples of how the interwoven ties aid in survival. More specifically, I will give examples from the Bushmen of South Africa Kalahari desert area known as the Ju/’hoansi. First,…

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  • State Band Festival Essay

    “It’s only a failure if you don’t learn something.” State Band Festival, a big question revolving in our mind is should we go or not? Many things factor in this debate, but the pros outnumber the cons. We have to go to State Festival because it would benefit the students as a unique learning experience and the Lee High School Band is evolving. Going to State Band Festival serves a unique learning experience for the students participating in band. Going to State is not only about achieving a…

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