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  • Bacillus Subtilis Research Paper

    toxin-coregulated pilus into its own chromosome by bacterial transformation. Since the genetic code for the toxin-coregulated pilus also contains code for a surface receptor, this could also result in the infection of B. subtilis by the same lysogenic bacteriophage that produces the cholera toxin (7). This would increase the pathogenicity of B. subtilis further, as it would produce more…

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  • What Is The CRISPR-Cas9 System?

    system. The acronym stands for clustered, regularly interspaced, short palindromic repeats, which are sequences of DNA that read the same forward as backwards. In between these are sequences of DNA known as protospacers indicative of particular bacteriophages encountered by bacteria. These sequences are then used as a template for RNAs capable of recognizing viral DNA within a cell and as a means to bind the endonuclease CRISPR associated protein 9 (Cas9). These complexes allow the enzyme to be…

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  • Use-Dilution Test Questions

    1. (4 points) The results below were obtained from a use-dilution test of two disinfectants. Cultures were inoculated into tubes with varying concentrations of disinfectants and incubated for 24 hr at 20°C, then subculture in nutrient media without disinfectants. (+ = growth; - = no growth) Disinfectant 1 Disinfectant 2 Concentration Initial Subculture Initial Subculture Most concentrated 1:10 - + - - 1:90 + + - - 1:900 + + - - 1:90,000 + + - - 1:900,000 + + - + 1:9,000,000 + + - +…

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  • What Is Microbiology?

    bacteria and archaea. Although there are millions of strains of viruses, in modern science, about 5000 viruses have been identified. Hence, the study of viruses is known as virology, which is a subset of microbiology. Examples of a virus known as the bacteriophage, which harm bacteria, when used properly, help humans. Viruses when gone through transduction, specific genes can be…

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  • Staphynthesis Of S. Aureus (MRSA)

    Staphylococcus aureus is a gram-positive bacteria which is an aerobic organism. S. aureus can cause many different infections. Antibiotic resistance is common for S. aureus. It forms golden grapelike clusters that you can see under a microscope. “20-40% of people carry it in their noses and skin.”(6) Most of the time, S.aureus is transported from the nasal passages to the skin. “Coagulase-positive S. aureus is one of the most dangerous pathogen because it develops antibiotic resistance.”(1) S…

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  • I Am Legend Book Analysis

    The novel I Am Legend written by in 1954 is a classic book that merges horror with science fiction. Richard Matheson, an American writer, wrote the book with this book being influential in the development of zombie-inspired genre of fiction. Its scope and area of discussion is simple, where it involves an era when the nuclear war has ended, but a major mutation spreads across the world. It changes every human being living on the surface of the earth except one person: Robert Neville. The rest of…

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  • The Human Immune System

    Links between the human immune system, pathogens, antibiotic resistance and mutations are discussed in this report. It is stated that the antibiotic resistance and overuse of vaccine has contributed to the increased incidence of emerging diseases and resistance to their controls and treatments. The human immune system is the protection of the body against potentially damaging foreign bodies and other disease. Pathogens are organisms, including a bacterium, a virus or a fungus and these causes…

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  • Neem And Barbaka Case Study

    Cultural Control Measures:  Do not plant flowering trees and shrubs immediately nearto building entrances or along the walkways.  Remove sting from individuals with the help of a vacuum or flyswatter.  In exterior surfaces including walls, masonry steps, buildings, bleachers, fences, playground equipment, etc. eliminate harborage by sealing openings.  Clean up and store food and drink spills immediately.  Store food items and drink to be consumed outdoors in sealed containers.[7] Use of…

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  • The Infection: The Cause Of Ebola Disease

    Modern society has been blessed with brilliant minds that have helped humans increase their life expectancy to the point where we are living well even at what is considered overpopulation. We were able to cure polio, the black plague, and other diseases that would’ve been considered a virtual death sentence a few centuries ago. Because of this, our bodies have almost no need to fight off diseases naturally. Now it isn’t being worried about at the moment because we still have tons of modern…

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  • Conservation Biology Essay

    An insight into the methods of Conservation Genetics Understanding the need to use genetic methods in conservation biology will greatly aid in the process of bringing back any species that play an important role in their native habitat. Implementing genetic tools and methods in conservation programs helps to minimize the loss of genetic diversity, which allows populations to adapt to environmental changes and stressors. This helps to minimize the loss of the population numbers by reducing the…

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