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  • The Yosemani National Park: A Short Story

    the temptation and couldn’t deny the beauty that mother nature had to offer us, so we took advantage of the clear water and took a swim. “Last one in 's a rotten egg!”, Tim screamed. “ Hey that’s not fair you cheated!” I yelled to his retreating back. I, being a very competitive person, couldn’t deny a challenge to anyone. Without a care, I ran to the water fully clothed. As Tim swam deeper into the river, he saw something out of the ordinary. “Elijah, look come take a look at…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Love In A Baseball Team

    later we were doing drills. Coach Jose would hit the ball to us, lets us catch it, then throw it back to him within five seconds. the ball came in a little too hot and smacked into Blake’s lower stomach. He was knocked to the ground and could not get up. He was so hurt he did not show up to the next practice. When Blake came back there was a change in the ambiance. He was no longer fun,he would talk back to the coaches and was just rude to everyone. “What’s up with him?” my friend Matt Asked. …

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Burlington Trampoline

    ground. But then I had to ask myself why I was on a trampoline. I couldn’t remember anything. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders and side. Someone was trying to roll me to my back. As soon as I was lying on my back, the light blinded me. My eyes adjusted slowly to the brightness, but as soon as they did it all came back to me. With my mom, sister and friends all around me, I knew that I was at my own birthday party in the building of the Burlington Trampoline Park. My twin sister and I…

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  • Budgetary Constraints

    include (but are not limited to): Budgetary constraints; Future growth; Physical location; Amenities; Client needs; Ergonomic considerations and maximum efficiency. In order to have a successful law office there must be a well-designed office plan. A well-designed office plan creates production and gives both the employee/s and client/s a pleasant environment to work in. In turn this creates profit, maximum efficiency, and promotes future growth. Simply put it makes people want to be there.…

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  • Shift-Shock Nitro-Junkie And Badmotorjam Analysis

    Looking down he said, "He doesn 't work here. Kind of drives me nuts sometimes, but..." "I heard that you oversized galoot!" Rich didn 't even respond "That 'll be $297.87." I paid rich while we could hear the back door close behind the old man and I was on my way. Masculinity and pieces about men are no different. Where do you fall on the scale? Are you young or old? Have you seen and experienced a lot versus a more limited exposure? Are you rugged and have…

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  • Analysis Of Pyotr Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1

    teeth, our eyes somewhat squinted. We do exactly what we rehearsed. Microphones are soon shoved in my brother’s face after the photos are done. How are we feeling? How long do you two practice? When’s your next performance? What are our plans for the future? Most of these questions are aimed at my brother. I sit there, looking pretty. One of the microphones turned to me. What was it like to live with a prodigy such as my brother? Silence filled the room. I keep smiling, what am I supposed to…

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  • Narrative Essay On Arizona Heat

    out to the trail, do the hike, and get back, all before it became too hot. There was an accident on the road and I had to go about twenty minutes out of my way in order to reach the highway. After forty minutes on the road I reached the trail I wanted to hike only to find out it had been closed. It was about five in the morning at this point and I decided to go to a different trail about a half hour away so I would be able to still hike before heading back home. I wish I had…

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  • Sherry Turkle: A Community Analysis

    families or a community of men and women who enjoy fishing. The key to understanding what a community is, is knowing that the people in your community are there to help but you, but as an active member of that community, you will also have to contribute back. Imagine a community as two people equally pulling a rope on both sides, you have to hold…

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  • Narrative Essay About Basketball

    court was pretty small for high school. We all get on the line, and she says, “you have 22 seconds to run to the line and back. When you come back to where you started it’s one. So you’re going to do this twice, so get ready.” When you make the team it will…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: How Do Friends Never Changed Us

    Three of us sat in the front while the other three rode in the bed. Alan, who was driving, Josh and Randy sat in the front while Michael, Patrick, and I enjoyed the bumpy ride in the back. About halfway back to the house we come to the hill that we loved to drive as fast as we could down. Patrick and I sat down and held on while Michael, who was always the daredevil of the group, stood up and held on to the roll-cage. We screamed down the hill…

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