The Yosemani National Park: A Short Story

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“We can 't go on anymore!!!”

My best friend Tim is lying on the floor unconscious while losing an excessive amount of blood. In the process of fighting the otters off, my foot was tragically mauled. As I tried to stay awake, I can dimly hear the otters scratching on the doors and walls of the cabin. That was the last thing I heard until I went into an oblivion.

After what seemed to be hours, I started to gain conscious again and realized the scratching was gone. Now was the time to find a way out of this place. I called out to Tim, who was still lying on the floor where he dropped unconsciously to see if he still maintained to stay alive.

“ Tim!!!! Wake up! *slap* *slap*. We have to keep moving. The otters are gone. It’s only a matter
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I had truly lost my family… my brother. Things will never be the same for me anymore. My brother is dead.

At 8 in the morning we had just arrived at the campsite where my best friend Tim and I will be camping for the next two days. Instead of our usual campsite, we decide to change it up to venture to new locations, so we chosed The Yosemani National Park.

Instead of setting our belongs up right away we decided to look around to see what we will be doing for the next two days. While we were walking around checking in on our surrounding, we spotted an admirable river where the water was crystal clear. We couldn’t resist the temptation and couldn’t deny the beauty that mother nature had to offer us, so we took advantage of the clear water and took a swim.

“Last one in 's a rotten egg!”, Tim screamed.
“ Hey that’s not fair you cheated!” I yelled to his retreating back.

I, being a very competitive person, couldn’t deny a challenge to anyone. Without a care, I ran to the water fully clothed. As Tim swam deeper into the river, he saw something out of the ordinary.
“Elijah, look come take a look at
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I knew if I didn’t get help Tim would die of excessive blood loss.

After what seemed like hours trying to find a way out of the dilemma that We got ourselves in. I finally accepted the fact that Tim is gone and that I have to leave without him. When I went back to the cabin where Tim was now lying under a blanket. I said my last goodbye and managed to escape from the otters. Now that I 've left the campsite, I now have to leave this National Park as soon as possible.
That wasn 't going to be easy though, since there wasn 't anyone else around that can help me.Trying to get out with messed up leg wasn 't going to be easy since the nearest town is about two hours away.
The trip to the nearest town was difficult, but I finally arrived. The first place I went was the police station where I told them everything that had happened back at National Park. The police sent park rangers to fetch out Tim’s body and me to the hospital where they stitched up my leg. This was the most traumatizing experience I ever had in my entire life. Nothing will ever be the

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