Personal Narrative Essay: Otters's Life

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People in Shasta Lake City, California make it impossible for otters to be able to live in peace. Daily, they encounter humans trespassing into their territory. Every time a human would pass by mother otter would say, “They’re testing my patience!” Mother 's frustration would only build as the days went on. But, one day things changed, when two obnoxious teenage boys decided to cross the line.
“I got the otter!” Galvin Tuffs said breathlessly as he rushed to his friend Andy Craven who was standing as lookout. He was dripping wet and shivering with a covered cage in his right hand. Both of the boys laughed at their accomplishment. It was late in the evening and they had both sneaked out of their houses. It was the night before what they believed
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Just be sure to complete tonight’s homework,” Ms. Dally answered with hesitation. Tuffs quickly grabbed his belongings and rushed to the pool. He only had fifteen minutes before Randy Otters started his personal practice. Otters was a stuck up kid, with the possibility of being in the Olympics always in his mind. While the other swimmers in the team took their day off on Thursdays, he was swimming laps in the pool. He was a determined kid with no sense of humor, and being the team captain meant that he didn’t take jokes too well. That being the case, it wasn’t surprising when he punished Tuffs and Craven for cheating out of their laps.
As the boys prepared for their attack on Otters, Momma otter overcame all obstacles in her way, getting closer and closer to her son.
Her first clue was found on the side of the lake where Tuffs dropped his school identification card. Next, she searched out in the city for school kids. When she found an opportunity, she jumped into a backpack and made her way to Valley High School. Eventually, Tuffs met up with Craven at the pool and they set forth their scheme. Baby otter, scared and alone in the locker, was startled when the boys suddenly blinded him with the outside light when they opened the locker. He was thrown into the cold pool and stood frightened, hiding under the diving board, hoping for his momma to save

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