Law Office Constraints

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There are many things that must be considered when looking into to opening a law office. These things include (but are not limited to): Budgetary constraints; Future growth; Physical location; Amenities; Client needs; Ergonomic considerations and maximum efficiency. In order to have a successful law office there must be a well-designed office plan. A well-designed office plan creates production and gives both the employee/s and client/s a pleasant environment to work in. In turn this creates profit, maximum efficiency, and promotes future growth. Simply put it makes people want to be there.
Budgetary Constraints
First thing to consider when opening a law office is the budgetary constraints, that is how much money needs to be spent to have
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We can take what is ours and save $1,000-$2,500 up front since we already have these devices and software. Furthermore, we can look at renting a fully furnished office that includes everything necessary to succeed but that could cost around $6,000 or more per month. Instead we should furnish our own office, we could hire a professional to come up with a plan. My research shows that an interior decorator can cost a flat fee of $500 or an hourly charge of $35 (this is the avg. bear minimum). We could save money by buying refurbished furniture, on the average one can save as much as 80% with used furniture. Used furniture can help our office save thousands, and most of the time it still looks new. Further we could have the interior decorator come up a plan and then pay them the flat fee of $500 then we could spend a weekend doing the work ourselves which would save …show more content…
In this private area we should include espresso machine and other drinks, magazines, accommodating snacks, access to the internet and flat screen television. We want the client to feel “at home.” This will cost us around $100-$200 per month (internet, espresso machine, and snacks) and one-time fee of around $300 for the flat screen and $200-$400 for the espresso machine, since we already figured the furniture into the budget. The tv could include Netflix or Hulu built-in so that the clients can watch what they want on demand and built in apps such as google for internet

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