Benefits Of Office Relocation

Don’t look for happiness, create it
Written by Alecsandra Plavan
“I looked around me, all my friends seemed to have found happiness, whether it was their dream job, travelling the world or starting a new family. I lay awake all night long, trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, why I feel so lost and why my life lacked so much direction. Little did I know that instead of spending countless sleepless nights trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I should have focused on what I wasn’t doing. I had to find myself, before happiness could find me. It was hard to believe that even after graduating, I would still find myself having the same problem. I had so much support from all my family and friends throughout my life, and somehow I forgot
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Office relocation also opens new doors to improving the workforce. A company that moves to a better, brighter offices is likely to look more impressive in the eyes of current and prospective employees, as well as clients. It is a signal of success and dynamism, a company that is always moving forward. This will also allow the opportunity of possibly introducing your clients to the office, as Therapy Rooms can be developed within the new building, which will save the costs of hiring external services such as the Harley Street therapy rooms. A major benefit of relocation is your ability to evaluate the financial outgoings, from utility tariffs to office goods. It can be a good idea to discover where further money could be saved by re-evaluating the suppliers of the company. Simple evaluations and reviews can result in large yearly savings. It is also recommended that the technology solutions and equipment are changed when relocating, as switching to more efficient and effective systems will save time and money. Once relocation is planned, you must make sure that the employees know in advance. The more included the employees feel, the more on your side they will be. Ask for suggestions regarding location, design and layout. You will discover how to improve their productivity by having regular discussions with them about the future of the company and the workspace. This will also work as a morale boost, as it encourages more proactive work and increased positive feelings about the business. What I recommend is that in order help your employees adapt to the new changes, an external company specialising in the transition of workforces is employed in order to help you and your team. Their expertise and experience in doing so will save you time and

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