Personal Narrative Essay : The Aspects Of Self-Love In My Life

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Growing up, I was always surrounded by family and friends at all times. There was nothing to worry about but continue to be happy and live my life as it was going. As I began growing up, I got to understand more why people were put in your life and why you experienced different moments with different people. From this, I was starting to realize what life really is about. Being in a two-year relationship, then breaking up unpredictably taught me how to become independent of my own self, take care of myself, and have self-love before I want to take care of others and have a love for others. It’s always a ‘you live and you learn’ whether if it's good or if it's bad, but you get something out of everything that you go through. Everyone goes through hardships before experiencing the good things. It all began the night of December 25th, 2015 when I began my first love relationship with someone I met a few months back before the special date. After two years, he decided to stop our relationship and go our separate ways. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, when I received a text message from my best friend saying, “ Hey! Come by my house today we are having a little get together for my dad's birthday.” At that moment I was confused as to whether going over to her house or hanging out with my boyfriend at the time. I then thought about it and said to myself,” I can hang out with my best friend today and tomorrow, Sunday, with my boyfriend”. I was as happy as a clam, knowing that I

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