Athabasca Oil Sands

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Quest To Find The Sand Dollar

    The Quest to Find the Sand Dollar Screech, slam, ploof! The young twelve year old girl pulls her chair up to the ridge and drops her stuff in the soft, warm sand while the sun was shining bright and gleaming down on her. She was very excited because today her mother had taken her down to the turquoise ocean water from their rental beach house. Summer break had just started that week and the young girl was eager to relax and enjoy the beach. She loved shells and collecting them as far…

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  • Rachel Carson The Marginal World Rhetorical Analysis

    mystery. There is no telling how deep the water reaches or what lies below. The complexity is demonstrated by the ever changing tide. Carson implies that the place where humankind can feel safe with the complex beauties of life is where the water and sand meet. In her final sentence, Carson also describes how the edge continues to attract people because of its beauty. Life which is seemingly very complicated, can be simplified and its purpose becomes clear (219). Most associate the edge with the…

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  • Paradise Beach Research Paper

    Happy feet, soaked in the sand at Paradise beach. I told you so! These words I heard here over and over again! I reached my hotel to check out and decided to stay at Auro Ville. I had heard so much about the place and wanted to check it out. But I reached late in the evening and I was told that the Matrimandir shuts early. I found a basic shack and a home stay to stay owned by Senthil, a guy in his late 20s. He and his grandmother were my host. He told me this was not a luxurious place, but…

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  • Creative Writing: To Walk On The Beach

    Short Story I’ve always liked to walk on the beach. I like the feeling of the coarse sand between my toes as my feet sink into it with each slow step. I love the way the the ocean paws inquisitively at my passing footprints. The sea is truly beautiful. I’ve always admired it. I like to look out on the horizon and find the tiny waves throbbing on the line between sea and sky. Of course, in actuality the waves are probably huge, but from my standpoint here on the beach, even staring at…

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  • Hooded Plover Extinction

    extinction. People tend to think that the beaches are just covered in sand. For many years now, people have been visiting beaches around South Australia; and which has out a negative impact on the flora and fauna. The Hooded Plovers are highly endangered. There are less then 800 Hooded Plover in South Australia, and only 7,000 in Australia. The main reason that the Hooded Plovers are under threat is because the birds nest in the sand and are very vulnerable due to vehicles, dogs and people.…

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  • Importance Of Summers At The Lake

    Summers at the Lake My family is not the type the goes on expensive or luxurious vacations to places like the Caribbean or Jamaica. We prefer pleasant and easy vacations together with all of our family members where we can have a fun time and spend quality time together. Vacations to the lake are like an escape from the outside world, a chance to see nature and enjoy the simplicity of life. We may be doing various activities such as fishing, barbequing, or competing in corn-hole competitions,…

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  • The Importance Of Unjust Society

    It was a bright summer day. The sun was high up in the sky, but the weather was so hot that it feels like the sun is right above your face. People in the community were very busy, working as always. But today was an important day, at least it was important for Jacob and Kyle. Today, they became sixteen. Today, they will be assigned a job that they will be working on for life. Jacob is a young and slender black boy. His dream is to be a sailor and explore the world. Kyle is Jacob’s best friend.…

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  • Beach Morphology Report

    percentage. This shows that from a basic point of view that both areas have similar grains. But when you look at both microscopically you can tell that when compared they’re not even close to being similar. While they are both the same size the dunes sand has endured more erosion due to their well sorted and fine sized size this can be due to the amount of time they have been transported and deposited due the waves. While the swash zone has and is currently enduring the waves as well what makes…

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  • Brief History Of Fun In The Sun At The Beach

    History of Fun in The Sun at The Beach Beaches have always seemed to be a place to hang out in the sun on hot days. This hasn't always been this way. The beach has been thought of in many different ways throughout the past. Beaches have been around forever, but only about three centuries ago did people realize the fun and benefits of beach culture. Beaches have been thought of as bad places where no one wanted to be. The beach wasn’t considered a place for relaxation or entertainment. The…

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  • Longshore Drift Effects

    currents and wind. This process occurs when the waves break at an angle to the shoreline therefore moving sand along the beach on a diagonal direction The waves hit the beach at an angle (swash) and then retreat (backwash) an angle If the wave is constructive, sediment will be added onto the beach If the wave is destructive, sediment will be carried away from the beach and into the sea forming a sand bar. On Palm Beach the wind direction was South East and the direction of marine sediment was…

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