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  • Ai Weiwei: Artist Analysis

    These two art installations convey similar meaning, however using unconventional materials and construction/assembly of the installations. I wanted to document my initial thoughts on both the artist and the chosen art installations before researching in-depth. Upon first viewing and looking at Ai Wei Wei’s art in general, I did not have an immediate connection. I was very turned off with many of his pieces while trying to narrow down what art I wanted to review. Understanding that art is a…

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  • Suzanna Blier's Art And Risk In Ancient Yoruba

    Suzanna Blier’s Art and Risk in Ancient Yoruba: Ife History, Power and Identity examines the creation and expression of sculptures and other arts in the ancient city of Ife. The novel provides an interesting lens into the early civilization’s culture by examining the often perplexingly technical sculptures that have intrigued historians for centuries. The first chapter specifically address Blier’s theory that the looming potential of different risks bolstered the quality and technical complexity…

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  • David Owsley Museum Analysis

    David Owsley Museum of Art The David Owsley Museum of Art is located in the Fine Arts Building on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. From sculpture to watercolor, to ancient African tribal masks and mid-century modern American furniture, its eclectic collection includes various works of art from around the world (“About the Museum,” 2015). The central mission of the museum is the cultivation of “lifelong learning and recreation in the visual arts through its…

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  • Art Museum Essay

    The San Jose Museum of Art mission states that it“reflects the diversity of cultures and innovative spirit of the silicone valley through exhibatition programs scholarships and collection”. I checked the validity of this statement by meandering through recent exhibits list on the art museums website. I came across multiple exhibits that showcased the diversity in the Silicone valley. Thre Photography and Inherited History of India, which showcased from beginning of Febuary to the beginning of…

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  • The Last Judgement Michelangelo Analysis

    Michelangelo was an extraordinary artist who contributed enormous physical and educational pieces of art to the world. Arguably one of the most spectacular pieces of art in human history was his vaulting painting, The Last Judgement, available for viewing in the Sistine Chapel. The overall process of producing this painting and Michelangelo’s personal beliefs and life were both incredibly influential throughout these 20 months. As Adrienne DeAngelis outlined in her article describing the…

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  • Analysis Of Pre-Columbian America By Diego Rivera

    The museum that I chose to go was to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which was holding an exhibition that was dedicated to Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera, Picasso and Rivera: Conversations Across Time. The piece that stood out to me the most was Pre-Columbian America by Diego Rivera that features indigenous imagery and creates an alternative view of America. The piece itself was made with oil on canvas with bright colors, which features many scenes that depicts the daily lives of the…

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  • Art Nouveau Vs Art Deco

    Art deco’s elements are applied in the modern popular architecture and furniture The World War 1 is occurred between the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco. Both of two movements affected by the World War 1. They are two different style. The big difference of them is Art Nouveau is asymmetric while Art Deco is geometric. Both of two movements has affected our architecture and furniture, but for the effectiveness of the modern popular architecture and furniture, the role of Art Deco is bigger than Art…

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  • Arts In Early Childhood Education Essay

    The Value of the Arts in Early Childhood Education The Arts in early childhood education are more than just providing a child with paints and crafts or something that is carried out to fill a gap in the day. Creativity is as important in education as literacy and it should be treated with the same status (Robinson, TED Talk, 2006). The Arts can have a strong role in developing creativity in children, which promotes the child’s overall development. Creativity can be expressed in many different…

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  • Summary Of The Poem The Painter By John Ashbrey

    “The Painter” By John Ashbrey Introduction: The painter, by Ashbery sheds light on art in general and imitative art in particular, and touched some modern movements such as imagism, which depended on concrete images instead of poetic diction, so many critical views have been presented to interpret this piece of art. Ashbery endeavors to depict the beautiful vision of artist’s mind by focusing on the proclamation “as is painting, so is verse". Through verse he commends and praises the…

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  • Diana Ostiguy's Intellectual Analysis

    You can always find senior Art major Diana Ostiguy in a very unique place: through the doors of Antone, down the main hallway, up the back staircase, and into a well lit, shared art studio on the top floor. Entering the studio, makeshift walls separate individual studio spaces that contain desks and easels. Ostiguy’s studio space, tucked away in a corner, is where you can find her, hunched over her desk, sketching out ideas on paper with the help from a single light above her. Peering over her…

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