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  • Memorial To James Analysis

    Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope as Seen by a Novice Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. That sentence forces the notion that anything can be considered art depending on the viewer’s belief as to what is artistic. Looking through most history books easily proves that with all the different forms art has taken throughout time. The trip to the Chrysler Museum makes the same point. Basking in the grand display of passion that many pieces radiated while they are displayed in the…

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  • Dog Giacometti Analysis

    contemporary modern art. When one compares the themes of Giacometti’s sculpture to Robert Wallace’s poem, it is possible to clearly identify simple forms have a lot of subtle details. There are many aspects that influenced the artist and the writer to create new things. Firstly, Alberto Giacometti was heavily influenced by the surrealists of the 1920’s and later found his artistic expression and his early life influences. His choices in the materials used played a part in his art, which can be…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career In Photography

    The people who are always bored are the people who are boring. I remember being told something along these lines, that the nature of one’s surroundings depends on what they make of them, and this ultimately reflects who they are. In order to constantly live in an interesting world and even be an interesting person, people adapt a “creative eye.” Having such, they are able to find new treasures in otherwise depleted or barren scenes. This filtered, idealistic vision of the world has been…

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  • Bachelard Poetics Of Space

    Prolific French philosopher Henri Lefebvre once wrote that the tendency to reduce space ‘to parcels, to images, to facades that are made to be seen and to be seen from’, is a tendency that degrades the very notion of it. Architecture inhabits space, the concept of which, albeit difficult to grasp is made possible through the interpretations of those who populate it. It is even possible to say that there are as many places as people in a space. This concept is central to the discourse of…

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  • Kisses On The Bottom, By Jeff Turrentine

    The Art of Listening Reproduction of originals is a quality that exists in all facets of life. Much of what is created lacks originality, instead, it is a reproduction or reinterpretation of a previous original idea. In Jeff Turrentine essay Why Some Covers Disappoint, he attempts to dissect what makes a good cover song, seeking to find answers about why some ‘copies’ are less impressive than the original. Paul McCartney’s album of covers “Kisses on the Bottom” which Turrentine dismisses as a…

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  • The Virgin Suicides By Sofia Coppola

    Sofia Coppola is a visually stylish filmmaker. A penchant for aesthetically pleasing fashion, photography, and art has largely contributed to her oeuvre. Beauty is self-conscious throughout her work with sensuality becoming an all-important part of the viewing process. The numerous pastels, fluid camerawork, and contemporary soundtracks have often been dubbed as the Coppola “Dreamscape.” On the surface, these “dreamscapes” are incredibly inviting. Viewers are forced to feel instead of watching…

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  • Essay On Dada

    Dada was an anti-art movement that began in Zürich, Switzerland in the early 20th century in 1916 (Young). The term anti-art refers to a rebellion against the war and destruction that had happened years before. It started as a response to World War I and the nationalism that it is believed led to the war (Elza Adamowicz). It was influenced by other avant-garde movements such as Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism (Craft). The name Dada is known to have been selected at random from a dictionary,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Art Of Photograp Photography

    say that photography is not art because anyone can take photos. In my opinion, I would say that Photography is art. People say that it is not because it’s just too easy, or that camera makes the image and that basically anyone can do it. But art through photography is not easy at all. The photographer is creating the photographs. The camera records the images, but the photographer is the one that is capturing the emotion and the beauty of the moment. Photography is art, that is a fact. Like some…

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  • Similarities Between Memi And Sabu

    Art is gives its creator (or commissioner) an outlet to express their feelings or emotions. The message behind certain art pieces may be bold and obvious, others more downplayed and debatable. Different artworks can be used for different things, some may be used for the function of remembering and honoring a fallen hero, some may solemnly depict a period of darkness and sadness, others can be made purely for aesthetic purposes and to display the creator's style or craft. The different uses of…

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  • Pre-Kindergarten Observation

    The purpose of this observation is to observe and evaluate the program 's approach to and uses of creative arts in the classroom. Creative arts in pre-kindergarten furthers children 's artistic and imaginative growth in addition it helps improve a broader variety of abilities in other regions, such as incorporating perceptual, cognitive, linguistic, and social abilities. In the creative arts curriculum for the SCOPE program, the purpose is to help preschoolers illustrate their reasoning and…

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