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  • How Does Oscar Wilde's Influence On Society

    Dorian Grey. However, the influence of famous personalities, works of art, and exemplary athletic and intellectual performance on contemporary style and mass marketing would enthrall Wilde with its possibilities of wide reaching art. However, even though Oscar Wilde would approve of the fact that our art is so accessible today, he would be displeased with the products being made for their low quality and…

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  • Analysis: Exit Through The Gift Shop

    transformation of a family man obsessed with filming every waking moment, Thierry Guetta, into a self-absorbed and self-proclaimed artist, Mr. Brainwash. In capturing this man’s journey, the documentary brings to light two significant issues in the world of art. The first being the use of assistants to create artwork and the second being the instantaneous success of an artist; whom without the endorsements of already renowned and respected street artists would have never amounted to anything…

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  • Arts Education In New York City Essay

    Preserving Arts Education in New York City Public Schools When people think of education and the public school system, they usually think of the four core subjects such as english, math, history, and science. Often, forgetting about the importance of an arts education. Yet, it is performing and visual arts that enhance a student’s academic performance. Exposing children to the incredible world of dance, music, or even visual art allows them to think creatively. It allows them to think…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Tattoo Essay

    Tattooing is a unique way of art. Tattoo artist does not require any form of education. “Completion of training program or apprenticeship to earn licensure. Tattoo artists typically exhibit a love of tattooing. There is no national protocol that must be followed in order to become a professional tattoo artist. Using needles and pigments, a tattoo artist applies a permanent design directly to a client’s body. Clients may come to a tattoo artist with a picture or design in mind for the artist…

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  • What Constitutes Art

    Evaluate the claim that what constitutes ‘art’ is highly dependant on social and cultural context. In a world where one can roll out of bed leaving a disarray of sheets and strewn tissues and call it art (Emin 1998), we could be forgiven for believing that the former famous greats of the art world such as Van Gogh and Da Vinci might well be turning in their graves at the preposterous levels at which art can be declared within our contemporary society. This begs the debate of what is it that we…

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  • My Passion For Aesthetics

    change in six months and it’s beauty is ephemeral so is art. Capturing these moments of fleeting beauty is evident in the piece at it’s completion. That being said, the real beauty is in the creation process. Art to an artist is not about one piece of work or one way of doing something but the rhythm of growth in the name of discovery. I am a high octane transmedia creative but I want to hone my critical thinking more. The Arts and Crafts movement was a solution born out of contempt for the…

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  • The Cuitville Art Analysis

    At the age of 9 on the bus ride home from the art museum, one of my classmates screamed to the top of his lungs, “I DON’T GET IT,” though his cheeks reddened at the sight of everyone looking at him. He began to further explain, “I don’t get why they drew those pictures, or why we should care.” Ms. Gregory was baffled. We could tell she didn’t have a good enough answer for our classmate. When it finally came to her response, she could only say, “Art is a big part of why we are the way we are. It…

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  • Plato The Girl In The Pearl Earring Analysis

    girl with the pearl earring" that was a copy of a real form. In my paper, I will argue that Platos views on censorship are mistaken because he cared more about artist minicing forms they see, i think he distract from the artwork and the reason why art is created. In the painting called “the girl in the pearl earring is a painting by Johannes Vermeer…

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  • The Importance Of Drawing The Line By Stephen Alcorn

    edited images in his review of his student’s art. Today’s students only rely on one form of medium, the computer, to create their art. They do not learn how to use various instruments to create different forms of art, only seeing one perspective (Alcorn 18). Students should have the basic experience with multiple forms of art in order to find new, fresh ways to look at things. This technological development doesn’t allow for students to bond with their art. Instead of using a paintbrush or…

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  • Nicholas Trauma Case Paper

    As we have previously advised, our client, Nicholas Nehls, sustained severe and permanent injuries as a result of the acts and/or omissions on the part of your insureds, Gerald J. Piazzi, Jr., and Zachary Lommatzsch, in the above-referenced incident. Prior to this occurrence, Nicholas was an active young man that participated in numerous physical activities and was employed in a physically demanding occupation. Due to the multiple severe and permanent injuries that he sustained as a result of…

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