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  • Summary Of The Poem The Painter By John Ashbrey

    “The Painter” By John Ashbrey Introduction: The painter, by Ashbery sheds light on art in general and imitative art in particular, and touched some modern movements such as imagism, which depended on concrete images instead of poetic diction, so many critical views have been presented to interpret this piece of art. Ashbery endeavors to depict the beautiful vision of artist’s mind by focusing on the proclamation “as is painting, so is verse". Through verse he commends and praises the…

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  • Diana Ostiguy's Intellectual Analysis

    You can always find senior Art major Diana Ostiguy in a very unique place: through the doors of Antone, down the main hallway, up the back staircase, and into a well lit, shared art studio on the top floor. Entering the studio, makeshift walls separate individual studio spaces that contain desks and easels. Ostiguy’s studio space, tucked away in a corner, is where you can find her, hunched over her desk, sketching out ideas on paper with the help from a single light above her. Peering over her…

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  • The Aesthetics Of Sport Analysis

    I would argue that while there is a distinction between sports such as basketball, baseball, and football and sports like figure skating, gymnastics and diving, the distinction has nothing to do with whether or not they are forms of art. The distinction simply comes down to how the winner is determined (Suits). Judges rather than a score determine the winners in what Best calls aesthetic sports. While many might agree that a triple axel in figure skating or a well performed floor routine…

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  • Athens Of America Analysis

    Making the “Athens of America:” the Gardner Museum’s Influence on the Fenway/Kenmore Art Scene A common nickname for Boston is the Athens of America (Warren, 2017, p. 1). Why? How did Boston emerge as America’s center of cultural, intellectual, and artistic thought and expression? While Boston has myriad landmarks, schools, museums, parks, and historical figures that may offer an explanation, one stands out. Isabella Stewart Gardner and the museum named after her shaped and continue to guide…

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  • White Oleander Reflection

    her mother. While bouncing from one foster situation to another, Astrid utilizes the art making process in order to cope with and understand the issues that arise during her stay in each foster care setting. During her stay with Star Thomas, Astrid completed a pencil drawing of Star’s daughter, Carol Anne, and Star’s boyfriend,…

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  • Summary: Shape: The Face Of The Company

    professors, making and critiquing your work, and refining your craft and concept culminate in you senior exhibition. You 've spent months preparing a body of work for exhibition, you 've taken great care to mount and present your work professionally, you 've touched up the walls, fine-tuned the lighting, ordered food and drink for the receptions, sent out the exhibition announcements, labeled the work, and put on your best "I 'm the art star" outfit. Your friends, family, and classmates arrive…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Arts Are Not A Waste?

    The Arts are not a Waste We see a wall, whose height impresses on us the idea that it is thoroughly unbreachable; we see an obstacle, who, like the wall before, only serves to hold us back; and we see an impossibility — to which we cry and despair, for who can do what can 't be done? Yet, to an artist of any kind, a wall is but a canvas on which their success will hang, an obstacle is but a challenge through which the artist will persevere, and an impossibility is but an opportunity to do…

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  • Camp Robin Hood Experience Analysis

    I chose to intern at Camp Robin Hood because of how well it applied to my major. Currently I am working towards my goal of becoming an art educator as well as a part time photographer. By working in the field of art and teaching as a camp photographer/counselor at camp robin hood, I experienced informal education first hand. Before doing this I had taught in several classrooms K-12 but had yet to experience the informal side of education. Camp Robin Hood offers kids many classes/activities…

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  • Comparing Romeo And Juliet 'And Moulin Rouge'

    Ayden van As Grade 12.1 Film Study Research Essay: Investigation into the use of costume design to represent characterisation in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. The use of costume design is a key element that is present in both Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge. In both films, it is used to represent characterisation. The element of costume design symbolising the characterisation in both films will be discussed. Sequences 6 (where Mercutio speaks to the Montague boys outside…

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  • David Batchelor's Unpopular Culture

    David Batchelor stated in his essay ‘Unpopular Culture’ of 1995 “Artists have a responsibility to art, not to anything else, or anyone else”1. To truly understand this statement you must first understand how the cultural field operates in art society either economically, politically, and culturally. Therefore detaching yourself from any social or moral ties to the rest of humanity. I understand that this statement can be read on lots of different levels, by first looking at commitment and the…

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