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  • Bauhaus And VKHUTAS Similarities

    In the beginning of XX century brought up the most influential art schools like the Bauhaus and VVKhUTEMAS. The both schools played a leading role in the history of art and and had the main influence on the development of architecture and art at all. The Bauhaus and VKhUTEMAS had a huge connection and communication between each other and especially because of that they had almost the same ideologies, nevertheless, they also had a range of differences. They wanted to make people’s life…

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  • Do We Need Art In Our Lives Essay

    October 2015 Do we need Art in Our Lives? Art comes from a relationship between an artist and audience. The greater part of us consider human expressions to incorporate the abstract expressions: fiction, imaginative stories about life, poetry, drama, dance, movie, theater and film, and the visual expressions. They incorporate painting, figure, blended media, and art. Most people have an appreciation for art. They enjoy observing it or creating it. There are many people who support art in some…

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  • Pelissier The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Analysis

    of modern art. To the untrained eye, there is nothing particularly extraordinary about it, but experts claim it is worth millions. All the while, in the outskirts of the city, a gorgeous, sprawling mural covers the side of an abandoned building, catching the attention of everyone who catches sight of it, yet it is labeled as vandalism, as mere graffiti. What is the role of art in our modern society, and what is the true nature of human self-expression? Perhaps, in the realm of art, there are…

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  • Western Art Influence

    Art communicates various social, religious, and political messages, and it is the patrons, artist, and public who are crucial in receiving and conveying these messages. Western art was a highly influential tool and was used as a conduit for political ideologies and historical events. It could associate its subject with greatness, power, and divinity. However, it remains debatable on who had a greater hand in shaping the artistic direction of Western art — the individual or the state. While both…

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  • The Black Arts Movement In African American Literature

    The Black Arts Movement (1965-1975) is considered to be one of the most essential moments in African American literature. It encouraged and motivated African Americans to form their very own publishing companies and magazines as well as numerous institutions of the arts. The movement was also believed to have inspired the formation of African American Studies classes at universities and colleges throughout the United States (Rojas 2147). The Black Arts Movement was also thought to have been…

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  • Thomas Moran And Jules Tavernier Analysis

    otherworldly beauty of their landscape portraits. Thomas Moran in his pictorial presentation, Below the Towers of Tower Falls, Yellowstone Park, 1909, oil on canvas, which is based on nature utilizes shapes that are preponderantly organic and give his art the environmental and natural taste (Moran). His piece, with its vibrant natural presence and lighting is captivating to look at; it looks entirely natural as if it were a photo, yet the piece is a manmade artistic that depicts with intricacy…

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  • Ellen Dissanayake's Homo Aestheticus: A Brief Analysis

    Art is said to be the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance all produce work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. The arts have the ability to supply so much more than just beauty and emotional power. They have the capacity to create community and special memories all throughout their process of becoming a final product. Sara Ashley Davies grew up…

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  • Essay On Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau Art Nouveau, or the French term for “New Art,” is a colorful movement in the arts that attracted Europe during the process of change from the 19th century to the 20th century. Art Nouveau had other names, “Stile Liberty” in Italy and “youth style” in German. Right before art lovers would begin riding in motor cars, watching moving pictures, and refreshing for the First World War, they would flip through bright international philosophy and style of art magazines. This cultural…

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  • The Queen Of Katwe Analysis

    color, culture and a theme to give a visual of her feelings. Isn’t that art? To express feelings through a series of colors, cultures and stories? Susanne Langer stated that art is the epitome of human life, the truest record of insight and feelings, in her journal The Culture Importance of Art. This movie is a perfect example on how filming can become a form of art. It has been argued for many years on whether cinema is an art form or not. Why are paintings considered…

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  • Exit Through The Gift Shop Analysis

    Art should be an original piece of work created by someone who puts passion into the message they wish to share using their imagination and creativity. “Exit through the Gift Shop” is a documentary film directed by world-renowned street artist, Banksy. The film introduces Thierry Guetta, a filmmaker who films every aspect of his entire life because he does not want to miss any important event that could occur. During the time when the concept of street art is barely making an appearance, Guetta…

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