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Tyler Morrison
Ceramics 1
Research Paper: Bernard Leach Widely regarded as one of the most influential potters of the 20th century, Bernard Leach helped popularize British studio pottery. Leach developed a style of pottery and ceramics that is a combination of the styles from Japan, China, Korea, and England. Many of his works are functional, yet highly decorated pieces. Bernard Leach was born on January 5, 1887 in Hong Kong. Though his mother died while giving birth to him, Leach lived with his grandparents on his mother’s side in Kyoto, Japan for a few years before returning to Hong Kong with his father. Eventually they moved to Singapore, then to England. While living in England, Leach attended school and went on to study art
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He eventually made his way to Japan and returned to England. (Walls, n.d.)While back in England, he decided to tour the country, and settled in Dartington. A pottery was established in Dartington.
There were now many people producing ceramics who had apprenticed under Bernard Leach. Improvements and upgrades were made to the pottery in St. Ives, making production more efficient. Primarily stoneware was being produced. There was a dedicated team of people constantly making ceramics at the time. (Pottery, n.d.)
Leach’s production of pottery slowed down during World War II, as part of a kiln shed was destroyed. A small group of people were able to help out though. Production was able to continue throughout the war.
After the end of the war, Leach went on tour to quite a few countries. The main destinations were Scandinavia, USA, and Japan. Around this time, enough stoneware was being produced that the catalogue, “Standard Ware”, was issued. It was clear that Leach was a master of his craft. (Pottery, n.d.)
Leach continued touring throughout the sixties. Many of the tours were to teach and lecture on the creation of ceramics. Much of what he wrote was published. He was given many honors in England and Japan. There were exhibitions of his work. Leach truly was a master

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