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  • American Craftsman Home Analysis

    P3a Description: The building located at 11005 Riveria Road is a two story American Craftsman home that was constructed in 1914. This surrounding area consists of primarily American Craftsman single and multiple residences constructed from 1900s to the 1950s. This two story Craftsman home has a square floorplan, muti-panned windows, and a continuous brick foundation. The wood framed building is sheathed in horizontal wood beveled siding on the second story and split wood shingles are on the…

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  • John Ruskin's Influence On American Architecture

    all the arts in home decorations, by emphasizing nature and form simplicity.…

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  • Analysis Of J Square Crafts

    J Square Crafts is a business that provides a variety of crafts, which are all handmade. The variety of crafts ranges from handmade baskets to holiday crafts to special ordered wastebaskets, even homemade soaps. J Square Crafts opened its doors in 1995, by a mother and daughter team in the state of Virginia. The variety of crafts are produced from the family home and delivered based on the customer 's needs. July of 2014, there was a total of 1,500 customers and by June 2016, customers had…

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  • Sergio Moirano: A Short Story

    unloading and got stuck so we had to embark. That was as far as we could be taken so we got off. We were 275 yards from the beach. I had to swim and get to shore. Someone was yelling on shore and he wanted ropes taken out and hooked on the landing craft. I saw guys coming in on the ropes. Later i wondered how many men couldn’t swim. Some got hit and many died. I heard “help me, help me” everywhere i turned. Bulldozers were pushing men aside to make a path for the machines. I had to go out the…

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  • Exemplification Essay: For All Ages

    (Campbell). History claims that Hitler was so eager to destroy - do more than just send flames through their land, but through their culture, too. Arts and crafts has always been a major part of culture in any country. It was Hitler’s craftiness - stemming from his youth spent creating art - in politics that earned him presidency, and later, dictatorship. Arts and crafts can apply to all stages in life with the ability to help relax oneself…

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  • Technology In The Military Research Paper

    It could be argued that technological progression drives development of new doctrine and practices for amphibious operations. The complexity and demand for the integration and co-operation of military personnel, logistics and fire support encourages implementing new concepts for amphibious operations. Further to this, the technology available will directly impact how any amphibious operations would be undertaken and drive the change in the doctrine and the forces that deploy. States spend money…

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  • What Is The Implication Of Micromanaging

    As part of my responsibility as a show producer, I have to delegate one of my assistant producers the task of crafting accurate notes for the host. Once my producing team was assembled, I called a meeting to explain the how the notes should be for both hosts by explaining the format, while handing out templates of notes that were used from the previous seasons of the show. The individual, who I will call Leigha, volunteered to construct the notes for the host(s) on the first taping day.…

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  • The Trickster's Methodological Potent

    Introduction: The Trickster’s Methodological Potential The trickster figure exists across various cultural contexts, emerging as an archetype that utilizes the methodologies of play and “craft” to illuminate authority and destabilize authorized boundaries. As “the epitome of binary oppositions” the trickster figure rejects social borders, boundaries, categorization, and identification. Often a shape-shifter, the trickster embodies an ongoing state of liminality—they are always on the cusp of…

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  • Henry Van De Velde Analysis

    If the output of interdisciplinary dialog between psychology, art history and aesthetics was to offer a more open-ended notion of ornament, one that mediates an aesthetic “vitality”, it would still be up to artists and architects at the time to debate over what was the “vitality” that to be conveyed, what role did the artist play in this mediation and ultimately what value would this creation possess. The inherent “modern” characteristic of such a vitality was closely intertwined with everyday…

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  • William Morris And William Bradley

    Different movements The Arts and Craft Movement inspired William Morris and Will Bradley, both, which was a social movement of modern art. It started during the late 1800 in Britain and the style was known as the Mission in the USA, the movement use to challenge the perception of the Victorian era. During this time period England…

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