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  • Ellen Dissanayake's Homo Aestheticus: A Brief Analysis

    Art is said to be the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance all produce work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. The arts have the ability to supply so much more than just beauty and emotional power. They have the capacity to create community and special memories all throughout their process of becoming a final product. Sara Ashley Davies grew up…

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  • Essay On Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau Art Nouveau, or the French term for “New Art,” is a colorful movement in the arts that attracted Europe during the process of change from the 19th century to the 20th century. Art Nouveau had other names, “Stile Liberty” in Italy and “youth style” in German. Right before art lovers would begin riding in motor cars, watching moving pictures, and refreshing for the First World War, they would flip through bright international philosophy and style of art magazines. This cultural…

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  • Exit Through The Gift Shop Analysis

    Art should be an original piece of work created by someone who puts passion into the message they wish to share using their imagination and creativity. “Exit through the Gift Shop” is a documentary film directed by world-renowned street artist, Banksy. The film introduces Thierry Guetta, a filmmaker who films every aspect of his entire life because he does not want to miss any important event that could occur. During the time when the concept of street art is barely making an appearance, Guetta…

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  • Middle Ages Influence

    Art in the Middle Ages 3 The Influence of Art in the Middle Ages Art is in a constant state of change, modernized every day, and this has been true since the dawn of artistry. Culture inspires artwork, people have always depicted the world around them. For medieval persons the culture that surrounded them was that of either religion or of the gruesome wars their kings fought. In the span of the Middle Ages art transforms to a more prominent degree that leads the public to have a higher…

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  • Watercolor Colors Analysis

    abstracted from reality is my favorite thing in art and in my opinion shows creativity. When I was back in elementary school I always dreaded art assignments or activities that required precision and rigid step by step directions. Blame it on my caregiver 's permissive parenting style but, I liked to do things independently. Following teacher’s direction in art, frustrated me when the final product didn 't look exactly like the teachers. It made me hate art. Much later in high school, I learned…

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  • Sanganer Case Study

    PRINT CLUSTER Introduction- Rajasthan has a rich craft and cultural heritage.Among the various crafts the most practiced and known craft is hand block printing. Printing is done at several places in Rajasthan and each place has its unique impact on the craft, due to historical, cultural and geographical impact and influences. Every region has developed its own style. The region of Sanganer has emerged as one such centre for the well known craft of hand block printing. Village Sanganer is…

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  • The Big Sweep Analysis

    regards to art. Art is not just seen as some form of expression or a creative skill that it is done by a human being, but it also brings a beauty within it. Art delivers a message, art forces us to imagine things that we have never think or taught before. There quite a set of arts out there that makes us question “is there more than meets the eye’’ And this is one of the most fascinating things about art, the kind of approach and differences that people have among each other’s makes the art…

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  • Essay On Tradition And Style

    al., claim that in Mafa communities in Northern Cameroon, even as recently as the 1960s, decoration is seen as necessary and yet, “it is carried out as part of the craft rather than as an art, generally quite neatly but without either much imagination or care” (1988, 370). Perhaps for the Mafa potters, decoration was not a form of self expression nor a means to add an aesthetic appeal to the piece. Instead it was viewed as a…

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  • What Is Nude Art

    Nudity and Naked, Where is the Art? My Disclaimer: This article contains images of the human form that some consider graphic and may be inappropriate viewing for a workplace setting. If a piece of art is displayed that contain nudity, then what is that thin line between the types of arts where nudity is allowed, and the one where it is censored. To answer this question, we need to understand the difference between art and pornography. The differences Nudity, or nakedness, is the state of…

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  • Camille Cadel Essay

    designer from France, was responsible for the creation of multiple fine works of art throughout her long career. Though she was relatively obscure as an artist during her life, she and her works would later gain recognition and notoriety after her death in 1943. This paper will analyze one of these works, La Fortune created 1902-1905. Through the analysis of this artwork, an understanding of Camille Claudel, her life, her art style, and the time that it was created will be established. La…

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