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  • Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To Chabot

    With the Programming team, I help develop the museum’s android application which included trivia and games to connect visitors with Chabot in and out of the museum. Recently, I worked to develop solar panels for Chabot through the “We Share Solar” program. Chabot’s community has given me a family of supportive science enthusiasts, a place to be myself, the ability to reach for the sky, and most importantly, the opportunity to make the world a better place through…

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  • The Right Stuff Analysis

    The Right Stuff- Essay As one advances through life, you begin you see people who are just cut out for it. They have have all that they need and more. They have the so called ''right stuff''.One thing you might ask yourself before reading The Right Stuff, is what is ''the right stuff''? As you continue reading throughout the book, you learn more about pilots state of mind and whether or not they have what it takes to have the right stuff. The author Tom Wolfe uses different ways of describing…

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  • Beta-Meow 3: A Short Story

    It was a dark and stormy night on earth but on Beta-Meow 3 it was a bright and sunny afternoon as is usual for all the planets orbiting the white giant star Beta-Meow, and on this afternoon a secret military meeting was taking place on Catnip, Beta-Meow 3’s largest moon. “I say we should build the base here at the equator where the trees will provide cover.” Said captain whiskers of the Catonian military. “Are you crazy, our ships would never make it through the dense forest!” Interjected…

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  • Personification And Anaphora In Annie Dillard's

    Annie Dillard uses personification and an anaphora in section 4 to illustrate the significance of the total eclipse that awakens the mind and brings it back to reality. She conveys, “ people on all the hillsides, including, I think, myself, screamed when the black body of the moon detached from the sky and rolled off the sun.” (889) In this instance, the moon is the devil that covers God’s angelic light from glistening over the land and the people. The experience is life threatening because the…

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  • Lost Moon The Perilous Voyage Of Apollo 13

    Lost moon : the perilous voyage of Apollo 13 was written by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. It was published by Houghton Mifflin, in 1994 and tells the story of the Apollo 13 mission that almost resulted in a catastrophe. In April of 1970, Navy Captain Jim Lovell and two other astronauts were sent by NASA on America 's fifth mission to the moon. Fifty-five hours into the flight of Apollo 13 due to an electrical fault, one of the oxygen tanks exploded, causing its oxygen and power to begin to…

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  • Juxtaposition Of Boss And Zorba

    The importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle will allow one to achieve the most worthwhile existence. Nikos Kazantzakis’ Zorba the Greek dramatizes the significance of balance between the Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomy, through the characterization of the contrasting protagonists, Boss and Zorba. Kazantzakis typifies the differences amid the philosophical ideologies through the comparison Boss and Zorba’s beliefs. Moreover, he represents Boss by his willingness to try to improve…

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  • Homer's Historical Impact Of The Iliad

    Transcending almost 3000 years of time with its emotional resonance, integrity, and relevance to both the Ancient and Modern world, the Iliad is arguably one of the most outstanding poetic feats in the history of Western literature, praised explicitly throughout the ages by esteemed historians and scholars alike. Between its undeniable influence on Alexander the Great and it’s correlation to Rome, the Iliad certainly has a lot to say about the ancient world that so quickly embraced it’s epic…

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  • The Iliad: Is Glory Worth Dying Over

    Is Glory Worth Dying Over The Iliad is the oldest work of western literature and it is considered by the majority to be the most important piece ever. It is a story of the Trojan War. Instead of focusing on the battle outside the walls of Troy, I found the internal, mental battle that the hero, Achilles was fighting to be much more interesting. Achilles is tired of fighting in combat. He has already won great material wealth and glory from other conquests around the world. Achilles says, For…

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  • Essay On Zeus Is The Great Leader Of The Olympian Gods?

    It has been said “he is a sacred twin” (102). His sister was Artemis, the great virgin huntress. Being the god of law, and knowledge, “he brings reason to the Greek world in the trial of Orestes” (102). When thinking of Apollo, they are thoughts of beauty and order. In art he is drawn as a handsome young man, usually naked. He lived in Delphi, a major site where he gained control of the known oracle, by slaying the giant python that roamed near. Apollo’s sister, Artemis…

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  • Humans And Gods In The Illiad By Homer's The Iliad

    save the heroes in the war based on their liking and benefits. One of the most biased gods is Apollo; Apollo is a major catalyst of the war. He protects the Trojans wall countless times when it was under attack, he also strips Patroclus of his armor so that Hector will be able to kill him. He knows that if he do not help the Trojans, they will lose the war for sure. To ensure their chance of victory, Apollo actively participates in the war. Another active participant is Athena, Athena convinced…

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