Essay On Apollo 11

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The Story of Apollo 11

On May 25, 1969, President John F. Kennedy presented NASA with a challenge. The president’s challenge was to put a man on the moon. With this the United States could be victorious in the space race. Apollo 11 would show that the borders of reality could be pushed, anything was possible.

The goals Apollo 11 was much more than just to win the space race. It was to explore and document unknown territory. To accomplish this Apollo 11 had a few goals. Goal one was to safely transport astronauts to the moon and back. This was especially important because the astronauts needed to survive to complete the other goals. Goal two was to take photos on the moon so the entire mission could be documented and, the photos
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Across the country people were glued to their screens to witness the historic launch. It was 9:32 A.M. on July 16, 1969, (Redd Apollo 11: First Men on the Moon) when Apollo 11 took off from Cape Kennedy. The rocket used on this mission was called the Saturn V, which was a rocket with three stages. After each stage was finished the fuel compartment would drop which was used to access to the next compartment. For the Apollo 11 mission, the third stage was the Columbia. The Columbia is a command module which houses the lunar module. The lunar module for Apollo 11 was the Eagle which carried Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong from the moon’s orbit to the moon’s surface and all the way …show more content…
The astronauts then descended into the Pacific Ocean not far from Hawaii. After landing at 11:47 A.M. (Dunbar Apollo 11 Comes Home) the Apollo 11 team was picked up by a helicopter and put on the USS Hornet. The funny part was when the 3 astronauts completed US customs weeks after landing. On the bright side, the astronauts were warmly welcomed at Honolulu. The Apollo 11 mission completed its main goal, having astronauts go to the moon and

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