Apollo program

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  • Jfk Assassination Theories

    Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, states, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand” (“Brainy Quote”). John F. Kennedy was one of the most beloved presidents. The public loved and is very interested in him and his family. However, the public is even more interested in his murder and what really happened on November 22, 1963. The mystery behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination can be summed up in two theories: Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…

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  • Jim Cary The Great Beyond Analysis

    In 1999, actor Jim Carrey starred in the biographical film ‘Man on the Moon’ playing the real-life American entertainer, Andy Kaufman. Whilst on-set, Carrey would remain in character almost the entire day. To document this, there is film footage of Carrey behind the scenes, which was made into a Netflix Original documentary called ‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’. Carrey received great reviews for his portrayal of Kaufman and even won a Golden Globe. In this documentary we not only see the behind…

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  • Essay On Apollo 11

    The Story of Apollo 11 Introduction On May 25, 1969, President John F. Kennedy presented NASA with a challenge. The president’s challenge was to put a man on the moon. With this the United States could be victorious in the space race. Apollo 11 would show that the borders of reality could be pushed, anything was possible. The goals Apollo 11 was much more than just to win the space race. It was to explore and document unknown territory. To accomplish this Apollo 11 had a few goals. Goal one…

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  • Gattaca Movie Analysis

    The story is the predictably simple one of an in-valid Vincent (Hawke) bucking the system to fulfil his romantic dream of space travel. Gattaca (pronounced gat-a-ka), is the name of the corporation that can put him on a rocket to Titan, Saturn's 14th moon. The twist: in order to escape the system Vincent must first fool it by posing as Jerome (Law), genetically perfect but crippled by an accident, so now bitter and willing to sell his bodily fluid, and tissue samples to allow Vincent to pass the…

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  • John Glenn: The First American Astronauts

    American male would have have. John Glenn always knew what things to say and when to say it. Everyone that John Glenn approached or was approached by was treated with respect. John Glenn worked hard and did everything that he could do to help the space program. I think of John Glenn as the glue that kept the whole team of astronauts together. I liked John Glenn because he was a true leader. Whenever there was a question that needed to be answered, he said what us Americans wanted to hear. He…

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  • 2001 Space Odyssey Analysis

    One day, David Bowie watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” while stoned, and was inspired to write a song titled “ Space Oddity,” a song about an astronaut named Major Tom who is lost in space. The song was released days before the first moon landing and became an instant hit. Even though he got recognition for that song, David Bowie set out to have his named recognized. Bowie took inspirations from Iggy Pop and Lou Reed and would incorporate it onto his own image. In an interview he stated that he…

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  • The Role Of Humans In Space Exploration

    During the Apollo 17 mission, an unforeseen problem arose with one of the rovers that caused for some further complications in the mission (Spudis 272). The astronauts were able to fix the problem with their creative problem solving. While robots could be programmed…

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  • The Dangers Of Traveling To Mars

    when a Chinese official had tried to shoot himself to the moon by attaching forty-seven rockets to a chair and lighting them all at once. Even though some do not believe the story to be true, the dream about travelling to the moon was achieved when Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. Ever since, traveling to Mars has become the next goal. In order to send humans to Mars, problems about safe transportation, base construction, and having enough food must be solved. Although some people…

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  • Case Study: The Ariane 5 Programming Failure

    too confident, however, to seriously consider these results even if they had tested them, because they were most likely aware of this bug. Apparently, these tests are all conducted with simulations of the actual rocket. Simple observation of the program should have led to different, requirement-based testing-- which would have involved new cases, such as the “erroneous” new trajectory data and its effects on the system, which, if done again, and thoroughly, would not have been ignored, now that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Moon Colonization

    The thought of sending the human species on an interplanetary space mission to colonize the moon is a concept that has captured the minds of scientists for generations. Space colonization has been viewed as a mere theme in science fiction for years; however, it may not remain a scientific fantasy for long. The idea of sending humans to the moon in an attempt to populate it may initially sound mindless and foolish, but after careful mental analysis, it’s become clear that populating the moon may…

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