Vostok 1's Impact On Space Exploration Development

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Space is an amazing world that many people dream to know all about. The exploration of space all started with the Space Race. The Space started when the Soviets launched the first satellite called Sputnik 1. It was followed by Sputnik 2 carrying the first animal in space. After that the US launched Explorer 1 making them a part of the race. That was only the beginning, and what was to come was remarkable.

Vostok 1 is the most significant historical event the in the history of space exploration development. Vostok 1 impacted space exploration by and allowed it to go farther. It also lead to the creation of the Apollo Program and its accomplishments. Additionally it made NASA more involved in space observation. Even though it was a mission
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It meant that people could survive in space and there was a possibility of making more discoveries. When the Soviets were able to the beat the US to a common goal when they were so close to accomplishing it themselves it logically lead to some tension and made the US more focussed on completing the next step in space history. When President Kennedy announced that the US would reach the moon before the Soviets it showed that the US wanted to win the Space Race and that they were going to do anything to redeem themselves after not being able to get the first person in space. Ultimately Vostok 1 made the US want to have a larger breakthrough than the Soviets. This lead to the start of the Apollo Program. Since NASA’s budget increased it meant that they wanted to get a man on the moon so bad that they would do anything at any cost. NASA became involved because Vostok 1 gave them motivation and it lead to Apollo 8 orbiting the moon and and Apollo 11 landing safely on the moon. Vostok 1 lead to the US wanting to get further into space exploration. That made the Space Race take off as everyone scrambled to edge out each other. At the end of it the US won the Space Race because of the Soviets giving the United States a reason to try and motivation to outdo them in space exploration. After the Space Race, space exploration became an everyday routine that the US strived to do. That including Curiosity which is currently trying to find new things about Mars and space. Vostok 1 in particular allowed us to reach new milestones because the US was so close to doing it themselves. The first person in space can only be accomplished once and the fact that the US didn’t achieve it provoked them. All of the information shows that Vostok 1 made space exploration heat up and allowed NASA and the US to extend space exploration. NASA and the US are still discovering new things because Vostok

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