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  • Particle Swarm Optimification Essay

    In programming language is used to describe the PSO terms from the particles in a swarm. These significant terms are: 1. Particle (agent, individual): each agent in the swarm; 2. Swarm: the population of the agents; 3. Location/Position: agent has n-dimensional coordinates. It represents a best solution for the problem; 4. Generation: each iteration of optimization procedure using the Particle Swarm Optimization to solve problem; 5. Fitness Function: It provides the interface between the…

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  • MFO Method Case Study

    The application of MFO method has been examined on two different test cases of MAED problems with different dimension and complexity level related to power system. The code used for study has been developed and implemented in MATLAB 7 and executed on 2.80GHz dual core processor with 2GB RAM. The description of test cases and simulation results obtained by MFO are presented as below. Main control parameters used for MFO are search agent size as 50 and shape factor equal to1. Test case I:…

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  • Drama And Suspense In Grey's Anatomy

    Individuals despise drama in their own lives, but enjoy kicking back on the couch with an endless amount of popcorn to view its affect on the lives of others. On March 27, 2005, Shonda Rhimes, perhaps one of the most dominant television producers, premiered the popular television series Grey's Anatomy. From the airing of the pilot episode to the most current episode, Grey's Anatomy has released three hundred episodes in fourteen seasons. The show was undoubtedly an instant hit. The…

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  • The Dangers Of Computer Security

    knowledge. I have talked about the following items and why they are important for every individual to use. I have talked about anti-virus programs because they are a necessary for individuals. Weekly or monthly scans are required due to the fact,…

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  • Blue's Clues, Dora The Explorer, And Sesame Street

    Is there any reason for parents not to believe this? Several television programs teach children how to count, add, and spell. Just look at Dora the Explorer, if it weren’t for this TV show I wouldn’t know how to say basic Spanish words at such a young age. Therefore, parents need to ensure television programs are educational if their child is going to watch the television. With that being said, the child needs to be at least two. David Hill…

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  • The Good And Bad Effects Of TV On Children

    has educational programs like Sesame Street and Barney and other related shows that can help kids to learn the letters, numbers and teaches them important concepts in life. Also, the information can be given in a fun and interesting format that the kid would enjoy while watching. Likewise, it can help the kid to develop their imagination which can lead them to creativity. Furthermore, Kids who watch informative and educational programs are tend to be watching similar programs when they get…

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  • H2 Robot Exoskeleton Case Study

    This chapter presents the software development for the H2 robotic exoskeleton, as well as the integration of the device with a neural interface. The software was developed with an architecture of layers, with three different levels. This approach makes easy the development of new therapies or control strategies without rewriting all the code. The chapter begins with the description of the software implemented to control each H2 joint actuator. Following is the description of the middle layer of…

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  • Conclusion Of Virtual Reality

    1 INTRODUCTION Virtual Reality is a way for humans to visualise, manipulate and interact with computers and highly complicated data (Kushner 2016). In addition, this visualisation refers to the computer developing visual, auditory and other sensual outputs to the user of a world within the computer (Kushner 2016). Also, this world may be scientific simulation, or a look into a database, the user is able to collaborate with the world and directly manipulate objects within the world, where…

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  • How Do Cartoons Affect Children

    became humorous illustrations in magazines and newspapers and from the 20th century forward, cartoons have been referred to as comic strips and animated films” (Ahad, 2016). It has long existed to broadcast on television and is the most popular viewed programs by children. Children have grown much more interested in cartoons in many years and it has become the main hobby for them. “Mostly children begin watching cartoons…

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  • Film Analysis: An Analysis Of Miss Representation

    Miss Representation is a documentary film full of stories told by teenagers, entertainers, politicians, activists and journalists. This film is full of startling facts, and statistics that made my own jaw drop. From problems we have in our own society today including body image and eating disorders to ways we can all make a difference, Miss Representation is a film everyone would benefit from. This film covered both body image and eating disorders in our generation today. Today’s media…

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