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  • Jung's Process Of Individuation In The Shadow: Carl G. Sigan

    Dexter Morgan, age 42, blood splatter analyst for the L.A.P.D., hardworking, focused, and determined, a serial killer of serial killers. Wait, what? That’s right, a man seemingly just like you and me harbors a substantially large secret. But don’t all of us harbor secrets as well? Secrets that we don’t want anyone else to find out? Is this why we’re so drawn to people like Dexter Morgan, the anti-hero? The answer is yes because secretly they are representations of our own unconscious. Whether we…

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  • Analysis Of Lisel Mueller's Reading The Brothers Grimm To Jenny

    In Lisel Mueller’s poem “Reading the Brothers Grimm to Jenny,” the narrator details the relationship that he or she has with Jenny. Jenny is a character who is facing her own internal conflicts, but displays innocence and truthfulness to the narrator. As a result of this display, the narrator is conflicted about telling fairytales to Jenny. Moreover, the narrator is concerned with the high qualities and ideas that she attributes to people who are not worthy, who the narrator deems unworthy. To…

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  • Gas Chromatography Lab

    Introduction: The main purpose of this experiment was to take the Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrum part of the “Analysis of US bills for cocaine using gas chromatography / mass spectrometry” lab and improve upon the gas chromatographic results. This would be done by finding a way to separate the peaks of cocaine and doxepin. The lab done previously showed the use of two different methods to obtain samples of cocaine and doxepin for spiked dollar bills. The two extraction methods were…

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  • Gas Chromatography Essay

    Chromatography is a separation method used to help identify mixtures. One common form of chromatography is gas chromatography. This type of chromatography will usually use a gas as the mobile phase, and a liquid as the stationary phase (“Gas Chromatography”). A gas chromatograph is comprised of some vital components, which include: the carrier gas, flow controller, injector port, column, column oven, detector, and recorder (“Gas Chromatography”). The purpose of this lab was for an unknown…

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  • Bioanalysis In Biopharmacenology

    Introduction: LC-MS is used for the bioanalysis of small molecules drugs, which has molecular mass of less than 800 Da. Now a days, it is also frequently used for the bioanalytical determination of biopharmaceuticals.1 In pharmaceutical R & D, it takes a year to develop a new marketing drug identified from thousands of new compounds. The drug discovery is divided into early and late phase, during which pharmacokinetics study or bioanalysis of a drug is done. Once, the bioanalysis of a drug is…

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  • Carl Jung's Theory Of Analytical Psychology

    With his split from Freud in 1913, Carl Jung went on to develop his theory of Analytical Psychology that made him an important forerunner of the humanist movement in psychology. While his theory has been deemed quite unusual and difficult to understand, it is nevertheless important in the development of modern day psychology. While Freud believed that the sex instinct was virtually the primary determinant of behavior, Jung thought that the development of behavior had to consist of more than…

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  • Lab Analysis: Reverse Phase Chromatography

    HPLC column can be categorized into two types • Reverse Phase • Normal Phase Reverse Phase Chromatography Reverse Phase system has a non-polar stationary phase over which polar solvents are used as mobile phase; it is generally used for separation of polar species. Normal phase chromatography Normal Phase system has a polar stationary phase over which non-polar solvents are used as mobile phase; it is generally used for separation of non-polar species.[38]. A detection…

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  • Flakiness And Elongation Index Essay

    ABSTRACT Flakiness & Elongation index is one of the most prominent criteria that govern behavior and performance of aggregate in the bituminous mixes. The strength and serviceability requirements of bituminous mixture such as Stability, Flow, Voids in Total mix (VTM), Voids Filled with Bitumen and (VFB) highly depend on the physical properties of aggregates. This study conducted by observing the effect of flakiness & elongated index by adding different percentages from 0% to 50% of flaky &…

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  • Ink Thickness And Ink Density

    2.4 Optical density Yang, Gao & Jiang (2012) investigated Study on the Relationships between the Optical Density and Ink Film Thickness Based on the Offset Overprint Trapping. D=D∞ (1-e-ml) formula represents the relationship between ink thickness and ink density. By using the formal of one-color ink thickness and ink density, the second density that corresponds the first major density is transferred to the equal thickness. Then they are added together. The experiment was carried out using 128…

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  • Empirical Formula Lab Report Essay

    The objectives of this lab where to determine the empirical formula of a hydrated copper (ll) sulfate sample, practice writing detailed observations in the laboratory and practice calculating mass percent composition. Before beginning taking measurements, read through the instructions below and make a neat table in which to record all the numerical data. Using tongs put a clean crucible on the hotplate. Heat the crucible for approximately 5 minutes. Turn off the hotplate. Carefully remove the…

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