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  • Fragrances In Ancient Egypt

    Egypt The Egyptian outlook on perfumes could be derived from their lifestyle learned from the records, the objects found in connection to death and afterlife and mummified remains. The ancient Egyptians were concerned with the odours of everyday life and death. Dated to 1550 BCE, the Ebers papyrus gives us a wealth of knowledge on Egyptian medical preparations for ailments, perfumed anointing oils, and incense plants. As we move back through time, as early as the third millennium BCE, it…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: How To Be A Woman Programmer

    Rhetorical Analysis: How to be a “Woman Programmer” The computer programmer, Ellen Ullman writes about her experience as a woman in a dominantly male profession in her essay, How to be a “Woman Programmer” that was published in the op-ed column in the New York Times in 2013. Ullman is the author of the novels By Blood (2013) and The Bug (2003). She has also published a memoir entitled, Close to the Machine: Technophilia and its Discontents (2001). In this memoir, she recounts her experiences in…

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  • Drug Encapsulation Essay

    3.3.9. Encapsulation efficiency of drug loaded NPs The encapsulation efficiency (EE) was determined by weighing the amount of unloaded drug recovered from lyophilization of the supernatant obtained after centrifugation of NPs. The drug encapsulation efficiency was calculated according to the following equation: Encapsulation efficiency (%) = (Winitial/Wfree)/Winitial *100%. Where, Winitial and Wfree are the weight of initial drug and the weight of free drug determined in the supernatant after…

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  • Analysis Of Prazosin Hydrochloride

    RESULT AND DISCUSSION 7.1. Preformulation studies 7.1.1. Identification of pure drug by FTIR Figure7.1: Identification of Sample through FTIR Figure 7.2: FTIR Spectrum of Standard Prazosin hydrochloride (with references of B.P.- 2009) Table: 7.1 - Characteristics peaks of Prazosin hydrochloride S.No. Reference peaks (cm-1) Theoretical peak of Prazosin hydrochloride Obtained peaks (cm-1) Functional Group Stretching/ Bending 1 1750-1680 1529.92 1529.92 C=O Stretching 2. 1650-1580…

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  • Archetypes In Carl Jung's Beloved

    Carl Jung was a swiss psychiatrist who believed that the human psyche consisted of three parts: the ego, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. According to Jung, archetypes are universal patterns which exist in the collective unconscious. He believed these recurrent images possessed universal meanings that appear in literature. Carl Jung theorized that archetypes lead to insight on humans and the world around us. Jungian archetypes can be identified in nearly all literature,…

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  • Analysis Of Cr-DLC Coatinging

    3. Results and discussion 3.1 Microstructural characterization The Roman spectrum of Cr-DLC coating was shown in Fig.1. The overlapped D peak and G peaks located at 1363cm-1 and 1564cm-1 were obtained after fitted with Gaussian curves, respectively. It’s well known that the content of the graphite crystal was closely related to the value of ID/IG [22]. And the ratio of intensity between D peak and G peak (ID/IG) of Cr-DLC coating could be calculated by the fitted curve. The value of ID/IG was…

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  • Reverse Micellar Extraction Of L-Asparaginase Case Study

    1. Abstract In this study, reverse micellar extraction of asparaginase model system was carried out using CTAB/Iso-octane/hexanol/butanol system to optimize the forward and back extraction efficiency. By using Taguchi’s orthogonal array (OA), maximum forward extraction efficiency of 55.0%, 61.0% and 54% was achieved with an aqueous phase pH of 11.0, 150mM CTAB/Iso-octane and 0.1 M NaCl, respectively. Similarly, Taguchi’s orthogonal array (OA) was applied to optimize the pH of stripping phase,…

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  • Cftriaxone And Tazobactam Lab Report

    “DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION OF STABILITY INDICATING METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUS ESTIMATION OF CEFTRIAXONE AND TAZOBACTAM INJECTION USING RP-UPLC METHOD” 2.1 OBJECTIVE To develop and Validate Stability Indicating Method for simultaneous estimation of Ceftriaxone and Tazobactam in their combined dosage form by RP-UPLC method in various stress condition like, alkaline, acidic, oxidative, thermal and photo degradation. 2.4 METHODOLOGY 2.4.1 Chromatographic Condition Column Separation was achieved by…

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  • Liquid Chromatography Lab

    High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a separation technique utilizing differences in distribution of compounds in two phases; called the stationary phase and the mobile phase. The stationary phase designates a thin layer created on the surface of fine particles and the mobile phase designates the liquid flowing over the particles. Under a certain dynamic condition, each component in a sample has a different distribution equilibrium depending upon the solubility in the phases and or…

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  • Female Sprague

    Male or female Sprague-Dawley rats (8–12 weeks old) were purchased from Damul Sciences (Daejeon-si, Korea). This study was conducted in accordance with the Guidelines for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC, No: IACUC140047). Over the acclimatization period and during the study, the range of temperatures and humidity were recorded daily; ambient temperature was maintained in the 25 ± 1 °C range; humidity level was measured…

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