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  • Hell In John Milton's Inferno

    They are afraid of him, because of the power they know the figure asserts. The figure has the power to inflict more punishment then they are already given. Secondly, the ambassador would be received with hate. Many of those in Hell must have ended up there in some sort of denial of God or working against him in their earthly life. While they are rightly placed in Hell, I am sure they have pent up anger against those who…

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  • Emma Watson's Role In The United Nations

    Awards. On July 8, 2014 Emma was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Her role as an ambassador is to promote the empowerment of young women. She also serves as an advocate for the UN's "He for She" campaign. In April 2015, Emma was named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential…

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  • Congress's Role In Foreign Policy Making

    making because there would be no checks from legislature to agree with the President being right or wrong in his actions. If there wasn’t any checks coming from Congress, the President would be able to do almost anything of being able to appoint ambassadors without being approved by no one else but himself, he would make it to where almost the whole legislative branch of is in his favor. I also believe that the President would make many more mistakes for the country because there would only be…

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  • Personal Narrative: Key Club As A Community Leader

    Throughout my high school career I have been deeply involved in many academic and extracurricular activities, holding leadership positions in several of said clubs or organizations. Here are the positions that are most important to me: Key Club Executive Board Member (2017-2018): Key Club is an internationally recognized service and leadership club in which high school students can become more involved in their own community, and the international community. As an executive board member of my…

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  • L Oreal Loreal Case Study

    communications by utilizing an array of marketing activities through authorized channels and maintaining a constant brand message to customers for decades. The success of L’Oréal is derived from long-term customer relationships, client loyalty, and brand ambassadors with influence. Despite being slow to adapt to cultural and demographic changes, L’Oréal has proven to bounce back with quick recovery through effective marketing tactics. The original 1971 slogan “Because We’re Worth It” is a…

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  • 2 Corinthians 5: 18-17 Analysis

    by saying: “Now Then, we are ambassadors for Christ.” An ambassador is a messenger sent to deliver a message from someone in authority. When an ambassador speaks, he does so in the place of the one who sent him. Likewise, we read that Paul was an ambassador “for Christ,” he was sent in the place of Jesus Christ—in the stead of Jesus Christ—but with the knowledge and authority to speak the truth of Jesus Christ to mankind. Jesus sent His apostles out as ambassadors of His kingdom into the…

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  • Case Study Of L Oreal's Integrated Marketing Communications: Pride And Loreal

    channels and based on development of the brand image that attracts customers for decades now (Pride & Ferrell, 2015). Thus, the focus is on discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their integrated marketing strategy, the effectiveness of brand ambassadors and the need for inspirational story when developing content marketing. L’Oreal’s integrated marketing strategy The company’s marketing strategy…

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  • King Peggy Character Analysis

    Bartels and Eleanor Herman, the story is about a woman named Peggy, who worked at the embassy in Washington D.C. One day Peggy got a call to become king of her village, Otuam in Ghana. Peggy then told the ambassador about the news, and the ambassador told her that she would make a great ruler. The Ambassador was correct to say that Peggy would be a fine king. The reasons Peggy was a good king are that she was fair and responsible. One of the ways that Peggy was a good king is because…

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  • Letter From Christopher Columbus Analysis

    Source 15, Letter from Christopher Columbus (1493), is the writing of Columbus who is writing to the King and Queen of Spain to tell inform them of his voyage and the things that he has encountered entering the Indian sea. “In that island… which… we named Espanola, there are mountains of very great size and beauty, vast plains, groves,and very fruitful fields.” He goes and continues to describe the scenery of the island, “The convenience and excellence of the harbours in this island, and the…

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  • Summary: The Barack Obama Administration

    President Barack Obama is the President of the United States. As the President has many duties he has to perform. One of the duties he has to perform is appointing staff members, the cabinet, and several other officials. In Article Two, Section Two of the Constitution it states that the President of the United States has a right to appoint officials. The Chief of Staff is Denis McDonough. As the Chief of Staff McDonough has to supervise the staff of the White House, control who is near the…

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