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  • Reflective Essay On Brave New World

    individual to have a shortfall in confidence within themselves and those they are surrounded by thus resulting that individual to decrease the overall efficiency of those around them. Less than a year ago I was this individual and becoming an AHS Student Ambassador supplied me with the tools to help me transform into a leader which was the greatest gift I ever received. Throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, I was anything but a leader. I often found myself being lost in…

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  • Summary: The New Social Contract

    1. What do you feel is the "new social contract" between employers and employees? As all workplaces and employers differ with the social contract. Singh (2009) explains the shift of the old social contract to the new social contract. This helps employee’s transition with different experiences. Singh (2009) writes, “Employment/Social contracts typically lay out the wages, bonuses, vacations, medical leaves, stock options and other benefits and compensations that the employee receives for…

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  • Extension Agent Essay

    acquire $3,450 to support STEM programming in Kanawha County including the establishment of a new Computer Coding Club and a countywide STEM Maker Day Event. Additional funding ($73,000) from the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation provided a STEM Ambassador, funding for STEM programming at camp, and scholarships for county and state camps. Impact: Evaluation for one-day events most often was observation of youth successfully completing the activity and comments the teachers or students made.…

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  • Destruction Of Pearl Harbor Essay

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously proclaimed December 7, 1941, as “a date which will live in infamy” (War Archives). His perception was not wrong. December 7, 1941, marks the day on which Pearl Harbor was attacked. The violence of that dreadful December morning ended the lives of 2,403 people while maiming 188 ships and marring the entire Pacific Fleet. At least 100 planes were destroyed and 8 battleships were put out of commission. (Morella) The outraged American people demanded the…

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  • Renegades: Song Analysis

    hand-me-down Billy Joel, Stones and Beatles records to grow up together playing in the same band. Both band members have developed an intense love for rock and hip-hop while growing up in New York. Sam Harris is currently the lead vocalist of the X Ambassadors, while Casey became a very successful pianist despite being blind. Sam Harris is also an excellent guitarist. In this article, Sam Harris back story from his childhood to his rise to stardom will be discussed. The song Renegades was…

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  • Albert Einstein's Letter Szilard

    Belgian ambassador, warning them about an uranium based bomb. Szilard had spent most of 1933 experimenting with how uranium and nuclear fission worked. Hearing talk of Hitler building an uranium based bomb frightened Szilard. He turned to his former colleague, Albert Einstein, to stress the importance of Hitler building an atomic bomb. With Einstein being a Jew and on the “Nazi Hit List”, he agreed to help Szilard compose a letter to the President of the United States and to the Belgian…

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  • The Importance Of SOF Imperatives

    Krupitzyn, the Soviet Ambassador-designate to Sarkhan. Louis was very successful in achieving Soviet goals in Sarkhan for a number of reasons. In comparing his actions to the SOF Imperatives, Louis applied three masterfully. Louis (1) understood the operational environment, (2) engaged the threat discriminately, and (3) anticipated and controlled psychological effects. Louis trained many years to learn Asian culture, language, and religion. Once selected as the next Ambassador-designate to…

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  • Hillary Clinton Controversy Case Study

    There was numerous times in which Ambassador Stevens requested additional security teams, to no prevail. There is a lot of controversy in the media, about if Hillary was trying to cover up this story, for her reputations to lying to the American people. Through the released of Clinton’s email, it’s been determined “ that she knew from the outset that the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and others was not a result of some video but was a coordinated terrorist…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Resident Assistant

    Move-in day was the highlight of my college career. As a freshman, I was preparing for a new term and feeling the eagerness for a new beginning. The transition from a traditional-styled home, to a communal dormitory space, is the start of one’s direction to adulthood and independence. Presiding in the learning community of Alvarez Hall forged me into the person I am today. Encountering a mixture of individuals with different sets of personalities and beliefs, allowed me to appreciate the culture…

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  • A Humorous Wedding Speech

    Farewell Speech Good Evening, I am your 2016-2017 Foley Junior Ambassador Abigail Lewandowski. A year ago I was sitting in the audience waiting for this part to be over but now I wish this part wouldn’t end. A year ago I was crowned and started this amazing adventure. It has been incredible. The first thing we had to do after we were crowned was had to go buy dresses. We found the older girls dresses and the younger girls dresses but not ours it took us two days to find dresses. Our first…

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