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  • Essay On Softball

    It was a good day for a softball game, maybe a little warm but not too windy. We had traveled all the way to Akron to play one of the best teams in the state. Our hopes were not very high as we readied ourselves for the task we were about to perform. The JV game was skipped due to some missing players on our team, so the Akron JV team just scrimmaged each other. This kind of annoyed us because we just wanted to get the Varsity game over with. Eventually they finished up, and the field was…

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  • American Football History

    The teams were from four states-Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Dayton from Ohio, the Hammond pros and Muncie flyers from Indiana, the Rochester Jeffersons from New York and the name of the Rock Island Independents, Decatur Staleys and Racine Cardinals from Illinois, The name of the league…

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  • Social Psychology Research: Male Body Image And Muscularity

    Ronald F. Levant at the University of Akron and Dr. Ryon McDermott at the University of South Alabama, the study Masculinity, Identity, and Mental Health assess the validity of the Male Role Norms Inventory-Short Form (MRNI-SF), a measure of masculinity, through its relationship to measures of reference group identity and mental health/substance use (The University of Akron, 2015). It is theorized in the Reference Group Identity Theory that men are dependent…

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  • Unwind Symbolism

    luxury of hope”(Shusterman chapter 69). At the end of the story, Connor becomes the leader of the unwinds and uses hope to fuel his mission of ending unwinding. The symbol used in the novel is the Akron AWOL. “They’re all saying the Akron AWOL is this big boeuf superhero”(Shusterman chapter 22). The Akron AWOL is the unwind who took on the government and juvey cops all by himself to free the unwinds. He is a legend to the unwinds and he gives them hope. The unwinds can look to him and see in…

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  • Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens Essay

    AKRON, Ohio—Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is a hidden treasure located in West Akron. It is largest National Historic Landmark, and is the nation’s 6th largest historic home open to the public. It is an accredited museum of the American Alliance of Museums, one of only 26 in Ohio and one of only 802 in all of the United States. The Estate includes five historic buildings and eight historic gardens on 70 acres. Stan Hywet has been named the #1 Historic Home Tour in America by USA Today. Stan…

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  • Essay For Radiotherapy

    program at the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Akron due to a number of renowned faculty members’ research works are concentrated in these areas of your university. I firmly believe that University of Akron is the best place where I can grab the opportunity of the finest schooling for my research work, in the midst of the distinguished professors and sophisticated labs and research opportunities. University of Akron is leading the North-East Ohio in the field of science…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Single Mother

    there for me, helping me with my school work, always supporting me at my sporting events, and helping me with personal issues if I needed her. I would have never thought my mother would let me go off to college in Florida. Being from a small city in Akron, Ohio, I thought she would make me stay and be closer to the family. She let me step out of my comfort zone and explore another part of our country. It has always been my dream to come to Florida and now that I’ve receive the opportunity to…

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  • Hypertension Paper

    III. Plan The priority deficit in Summit County is that there is a general lack of readily accessible resources available to the public. Our plan is to institute a clinic offering regular blood pressure screening to the public that is free of charge. Having a screening clinic readily available to the public could help recognize hypertension at an earlier stage. According to Siu, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for high blood pressure after the age of 18.…

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  • Essay On Why I Want To Be A Social Worker

    Imagine for a moment you are sitting in a courtroom in a custody battle. The judge ruled for the child to stay with their mother, however you see by the look on the child’s face that a mistake was made. Taking the best interest of the child is the goal in every custody hearing. Every child deserves structure in their life and to be with people who love them. Sometimes the best thing which many times can be the hardest is for them to be separated from their parents. On the other…

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  • Fire Department Observation

    100psi nozzle was too much for a three-person engine company, where typically we would be operating with an officer and firefighter on the line. Many questioned the stream reach on the 50psi nozzle, but agreed that it was a lot easier to handle. The Akron 50psi nozzle did not have the reach of the 75psi and the 100psi nozzle. When I asked all personnel who were on the line in regards to having the reach inside a structure, they countered if we operated in a transitional attack they would like to…

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