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It was a good day for a softball game, maybe a little warm but not too windy. We had traveled all the way to Akron to play one of the best teams in the state. Our hopes were not very high as we readied ourselves for the task we were about to perform.

The JV game was skipped due to some missing players on our team, so the Akron JV team just scrimmaged each other. This kind of annoyed us because we just wanted to get the Varsity game over with. Eventually they finished up, and the field was prepped for the second game of the night. We went through warmups halfheartedly, dreading the game to come.

Around the second inning the sky began looking a little strange. We continued playing, but the clouds began swirling as they darkened, casting shadows across the dirt of the field. But we played on, seeing as there
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Now, we went into this game thinking all Akron softball players were snobs, due to some encounters we’ve had with them, but once we got to their house, we found out they’re actually really nice and fun to hang around. They gave us some Cheetos and Lays chips so we passed them around community-chip style. We eventually were told we had to go back and finish the game because it had stopped …show more content…
Yes, even softball can strengthen your faith. This is what I would say to those who think sports are pointless and have no place in our schools: everything we do is to glorify God and our bond with Him and fellow Christians strengthen while in these situations. We can look back and learn from situations like this softball game so that we are always, always learning that nothing we do is for our glory, nothing we do for ourselves matters, because we are here to play for God. That is really the only viable reason for which we should play sports – we play for God, and not for

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