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  • The Importance Of Mobile Technology In The Classroom

    Even though while technology is helpful to people in and out the classroom, teachers should monitor the amount of mobile technology in the classroom, because mobile technology makes it easy to look up answer for assignments and test on the internet, and it takes their intelligence away because no one is learning the material or gaining skills. Technology helps Students and teachers in the classroom because as we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom are becoming more…

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  • The Asset Management Industry Analysis

    Business Issue: The Asset Management Industry There are two general approaches to investment management – either utilizing active investment management or passive investment management. An active investment managers’ goal is to outperform a specific benchmark index by identifying mispriced securities. A passive managers’ goal is to closely track or replicate the return pattern of a specified benchmark index at a low cost. A passive manager does not make any attempt to seek out mispriced…

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  • Group Counselling Skills: Active Listening

    Group counselling skills Active listening Active listening according to Jacobs, Mason and Harvill (2006) describe it as listening to content, speaker’s voice and body language and this involves displaying to the other person that you are indeed listening. In a group counselling it involves listening to all members at the same time and not just the speaker. The leader does this so as to be aware of what the other members are feeling and thinking even when not contributing and the leader does this…

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  • Listening, Verbal Messaging, And The Significance Of Body Language

    To achieve active listening status it is imperative to approach conversations with patience and attentiveness. Active listeners do no respond until they have all of the information. Instead of honing in on what is familiar, so that they can respond efficiently, they focus their attention on what is different so as…

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  • Active Listening

    system breaks down. Unlike hearing, listening requires focus rather than just hearing sounds. In addition, listening requires paying attention to not only what is said, but also to how it is being said, as well as non-verbal messages. Active listening Active listening is the key to effective communication because it encompasses hearing…

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  • Customer Communication Behavior

    of the customer service relationship is determined. Customer service is provided before during and after the customers’ needs have been met. The requirements of a good customer service relationship are achieved through rapport building, engaging in active listening, having empathy, and showing respect.The Evidence to be presented has been taken from a scenario which was provided where an interview took place where the customer requested to know the status of her loan application concluding to…

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  • The Importance Of Intervention Strategies In Counseling

    The counselor began to mention the aptitude tests and with new light shed on the subject the client was more than willing to continue with the test in order to build her packet together for new employment. The counselor used active listening strategies and was empathizing with the client in the midst of her irrational thoughts. The counselor also utilized cognitive strategies to change her negative thinking into more constructive thoughts. While many different crises were…

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  • Care Conference Case Study

    As the nurse of the conference I have to be empathetic during the conversation of the conference. Having said that. I have to be clear and concise on my response to every member. An example of an active listener is when I can paraphrase what a member said if it is not clear to me by saying: As I have understood, what you said is, it is important to keep the resident in the exercise regime three times a week. Clarification is another way to show…

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  • Oppression Conflict Strategies

    An active listener follows a few steps that are outlined by the textbook, “Communicating for Results 10th Edition:” by Cheryl Hamilton, “Receives the speaker’s total message – verbal, visual, and nonverbal, interprets the speaker’s meaning as closely as possible…

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  • Personal Philosophy Essay

    Our world is becoming increasingly more judgmental and intolerant of other perspectives and ideas, leading humans to a revetment in how we communicate and expand our minds. It is not only sickening that we quickly dismiss others, but also inconsiderate that we do not take in account of the others people’s view, resulting in disadvantage for others and ourselves. For these reason I live by a personal philosophy that is mentioned in behavior psychologist B.F. Skinners book Science and Human…

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