Active Directory

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  • Active Directory Case Study

    Active Directory • What forest/domain model should Crete LLC implement? • What is the domain name? • Where should the domain controllers be placed? • Should RODC be part of the consideration? • FSMO Roles placement? • Plan for AD backup and recovery. For this network, I will recommend that Crete LLC should use a regional domain model. This model will consist of a forest root domain and two regional domains. The root domain will be the Houston office. The Dallas office and Los Angeles office will be considered as the regional domains in this domain structure. The reason why I choose this model is because it will give the opportunity for Crete LLC to expand easily if needed. This is possible because the regional domain model replicates all object…

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  • Active Directory Case Study

    When looking at the Active Directory structure for Users and Computers, which group has the least amount of implied privileges? Guests have the least amount of implied privileges. 7. When granting access to LAN systems for GUESTS (i.e., auditors, consultants, third-party individuals, etc.), what security controls do you recommend be implemented in order to maximize C-I-A of production systems and data? Guest access should be limited to shared folders in order to maintain C-I-A of the LAN,…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 8 Paper

    Module 8 Portfolio The company Creative Name Inc. is in need of a unified solution for the deployment of a corporate network. Of the technical difficulties to overcome is the layout of their corporation. Creative Name Inc. resides in two geographically separated locations, one on the west coast (the main office) and one on the east coast. While Creative Name Inc. is in two different locations, they want their network to function as though it is in the same building and location. To…

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  • Personal Listening Style Analysis

    demonstrating abilities in the people-oriented listening style look for areas of commonality with their conversation partner with an instinctive ability to empathetically listen giving them strong connection to the emotional messages being conveyed. As a Non-Commissioned Officer, it is imperative to the mission that those individuals in whom I was given charge were physically and mentally prepared to carry out assigned duties. If for any reason there were issues, whether personal or…

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  • How To Write A Reflection On A Clinical Experience

    I aimed to improve both recognising and using non-verbal signals, gestures, facial expressions and body language. I also tried to advance my active listening skills giving my full attention to my patient while being seen to be listening by maintaining eye contact and give confirmation to the patient by nodding, smiling or by using verbal ratification. I did this to keep the concentration of my patient and prevent them from reaching a conclusion that I wasn’t properly listening. I also found that…

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  • Reflection On A Critical Incident

    I realized that even though I was not able to directly use cathartic skills, I still learned that something as simple as providing my presence to D.B. still played a beneficial role. Also, utilization of active listening skills such as observing D.B.’s nonverbal behaviours and monitoring my own nonverbal behaviours aided in this situation, even though I did not think much of it during the event. While I did not realize it at first, my feelings of self-doubt masked the fact that I did possess…

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  • Active Listening In Social Work

    The first task is to schedule the meeting with her support system. The second task is to have the meeting with her support system. The third task is to tell them what is going on in her life at the meeting and ask them for help. Write a brief essay discussing the importance of active listening and how we ask questions. Write a reflective response and a follow-up question for the following statements listed below as a part of your essay. Active listening is vital in social work field. Active…

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  • Concepts Of Chicago Fire And Chicago PD

    true understand of how we act in these type of situations in every day life. The ten concepts I picked are: first impressions, attractiveness, jargons, active listening, paraphrasing, volume,…

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  • Personal Listening Skills And Effectiveness

    A person’s culture refers to those beliefs, morals, artistic nuances, customs, personal traits, behaviors, attitudes, folklore, manner of thinking and laws acquired by the individual over time from the societal environment where they reside. (Taylor, 1974) The culture I mainly identify with is the American culture. Various traits in my communication can expressly exemplify the American culture. Among these is assertiveness, which has been marked as one of the primary identifiers of American…

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  • Active Listening Vs Passive Listening Essay

    somebody in a certain field. Other skills are valuable in majority of things that people do throughout the day. One of the most important skills that somebody can use in any field they work in is listening. It is essential to know the different types of listening, distractions from listening accurately, and also benefits of listening to understand why it is so important. Surprisingly, there is more to listening than it seems. It’s not just an on and off switch. Listening comes in…

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