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  • Serratia Marcescens Research Paper

    The active ingredient in Mr Muscle is quaternary ammonium chloride (0.22 % W/W)14. Quaternary ammonium chloride has a positive charge, while bacteria have a negative charge allowing the substance to attach to the bacteria and cause the cytoplasmic membrane to leak, damaging and eventually killing the bacteria15. According to many sources natural substances such as Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and lemon Juice can be used to clean the bathroom as they also contain active ingredients that are capable…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Am/Pm

    Quantum - T AM/PM is the newest scientifically tested testosterone booster on the market today. In fact, it is the only clinically proven product of its kind to deliver both am and pm energy in a single dose. The formulated ingredients provides a powerful blend of six unique ingredients that powers energy levels, reduce estrogen production, and increase testosterone levels in the first stage. In the second stage, Quantum T PM works while the body is in the REM stage, to recharge low testosterone…

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  • Salicylates Vs. Octinoxate Comparison

    Based upon the lambda max’s that were determined from the sunscreen, the individual active ingredients would not be able to be determined because the literature values for the active ingredients are similar to each other. This means that for a lambda max of 310, the individual active ingredient could be one of four different ingredients, which are: octinoxate, PABA derivatives, cinnamates, and salicylates. However, the two different brands of SPF 50 that were analyzed had similar spectra, which…

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  • Benefits Of AG Hair Shampoo

    SHAMPOO: Packaging And Ingredients: AG Hair Control Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes with a big, bulky bottle that has a spray top as well. Though, the bottle is quite big, but it has a narrow appearance other than providing a nozzle for easily extracting out the shampoo. Suffice to say, the amount is enough and can easily be used for a long time. The bottle is also compatible and can be easily taken for travels. For the ingredients, the shampoo has twice as active anti-dandruff ingredients (Zinc…

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  • Zone Of Inhibition Experiment Essay

    Within Milton the active ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite(2), which has a chemical formula of NaClO(3). This differs to the active ingredient in Dettol which is 4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol (which is also known as PCMX)(4), this has a chemical formula of C8H9ClO(5). As these disinfectants have 2 different active ingredients it allows the experimental outcome to determine which of the disinfectants are better against E.coli…

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  • Antiseptic Effect On Bacteria

    Antiseptics are used to treat and prevent infection on skin, but many antiseptic products use different active ingredients to kill or slow the growth of bacteria. Several commonly used antiseptics contain active ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, iodine, chlorohexidine gluconate, and hydrogen peroxide. The use for products with these ingredients also depends on the type of wound since certain active ingredients have different mechanisms for killing bacteria. However, a growing concern in…

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  • Ethics Of Homeopathic Medicine

    The main argument against homeopathy is the statistical unlikelihood that any active ingredient is being ingested. The lack of an active ingredients suggests that there is no effectiveness of either treatments or vaccines, beyond placebo. It is unethical for a health practitioner to recommend the use of these remedies, knowing that there are other effective, evidence-based…

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  • Samavaya Vigyaniyam: Inherent Relationship

    Ayurvedic system of medicine believes in using drug as a whole rather than isolation of the active principles, a point related to organized nature of the dravya (substance). Here we can see samavaya relationship existing between array of phytochemicals present in the dravya or drug. When active constituent are isolated, dravya losses its organized character and chances of having side effects are high. Parameters like taste, property are present…

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  • Disinfectant Lab Report

    The aim of this experiment is to determine how best to remove bacteria from an environment. Disinfectants are formulations of active chemicals that sterilize inanimate surfaces or objects, whereas antiseptics deter bacterial growth on living tissue. These agents have two modes of anti-bacterial action; growth inhibition or lethal action. Disease causing micro-organisms thrive wherever there are appropriate conditions to provide sustenance. There are four…

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  • Essay On Hydroquinone

    darkened skin. Some common usages in treatment of freckles, chloasma, age spots or acne scars. More than 50 years, it’s been established as the most effective ingredient for potentially fading and lightening skin. This article below can show you the facts of them. Body: Until now, hydroquinone is still the top effective topical active ingredient in whitening. However, in the US, according to FDA statistics, the number of products containing hydroquinone has decreased from 206 without brakes (in…

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