Importan Aeschylus Use Of Soliloquies In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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When people speak, it is crucial for others or the audience to grasp what is important about the speaker through first impressions. This allows people to evaluate the speaker and help connect with them so that they can associate with the story being told. Body language, demeanor, and mannerisms allow people to read the speaker’s emotions so that they can get an accurate impression about him. This impression is affirmed by confidence portrayed while a person engages his audience. In literature, impressions are formed through the content of soliloquies, and the tone of speech. Soliloquies are dramatic speeches that are spoken by characters who are alone on stage, or believe themselves to be alone. This way, they speak directly to an audience about their feelings, motives, and intentions thus revealing their innermost true thoughts. Hamlet, through his soliloquies, portrays an impression of a man who is in the process of discovering himself. This is …show more content…
Clytemnestra recounts how she killed her husband who was the king and justifies her actions as a retaliation for the killing of her daughter, Iphigenia by the king. The real violence occurs off-stage as was the tradition in Greece in those days (Lloyd-Jones, 1970). Agamemnon’s murder is shown in the context of the three acts of murder which come before the main action in the play. There is the theft of Helen and the Trojan War. It is clear that the deaths that occur due to the conflict should be dropped at Helen’s door. Secondly, tragedy is shown when Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia, which in turn provokes revenge in Clytemnestra's resolve to murder Agamemnon and thus avenge her daughter. Tragedy is also seen when Agamemnon's father, Atreus, cooks his own brother's children and serves them to him (Lloyd-Jones, 1970). It is thus revealed that there is an ancestral curse that encompasses the

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